Trendy Hairstyles

Every girl must know the importance of hairstyle in enhancing her looks. Where a properly done hairstyle can enhance your feminine beauty and make you look outstanding in the crowd, a wrong choice can make you look odd. But, making a perfect hairstyle can be difficult if you don’t have enough time. And when it comes to choosing a right hairstyle for summer, then the process become little more difficult as you need to choose the one that requires low-maintenance.

No doubt that pony tale is the easiest and quickest option to go for, but there are many other easy hairstyles (like braids, bouncy do’s buns and more) that you can go for this summer. Here we are mentioning the most trendy hairstyles of this summer.

1. The Ballerina Bun

A tight top knot not only looks elegant, but it also keeps you cool in the hot summers. To get this look, secure your hair in a ponytail. Always take care that your pony should not be secured tightly. Now, start twisting the tail around the base and keep on doing so till you reach the end of your tail. Secure the bun with bobby pins. You can also use jeweled pins and other accessories to dress up your bun. However, if you don’t have much time, then using a hair donut would be the right idea. It will help you create the same bun look quickly and will keep the hair in place effectively. Let few of your small hair strands peek out and create an effortless effect.

The Ballerina Bun Hairstyle

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2. A Double Twist Tail

A ponytail can be the obvious choice for summers, but to make it look more beautiful you can try double twist tail. What you need to do is toss your hair back making a high ponytail. Now, take a strand of your hair and twist it around the base to cover the elastic. Take another elastic and add it a little below the first elastic that both these elastics will cover one-third of your ponytail. And it is done. This hairstyle looks just great from work to workouts.

A Double Twist Tail

3. A Messy Bun

The main rule of creating a messy bun in not to use a comb. Run fingers straight through your hair and pull them into a ponytail. You can tie it low or high as per your choice. Now, tease your hair by separating them into two or more sections. It will give you the messy texture and the volume to add to your bun. Now, make two strands of the teased hair and roll them into opposite directions. Secure your hair by using bobby pins, but rather than pinning them neatly let the strands fray around the bun as it will create a perfect messy look.

A Messy Bun Hairstyle

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4. Simple But Decent Side Braid

If you like braids then it is the simplest and the easiest braid style you can try. Depending on your wish, you can make a messy or smooth one. Move all your hair to the side and divide them into three parts. Now, make a simple loose braid by moving these three strands one by one. Secure the braid end with an elastic. For a messy look, tug the braids sections little apart.

Simple But Decent Side BraidTo make it look more attractive, you can add a mini-braid to it. Take a small section of your front hairs; create a braid of it that you like and find easy, then start the big braid by weaving in the small one you have created. You can also add small braids on both sides.

5. Half Pony

This gorgeous hairstyle can be done in a number of ways. You just need to take the top half of your hair and secure them with an elastic, bobby pins or other hair accessories. It looks great and takes only two minutes to do. However, to make it look more gorgeous, you can create mini french or fishtail braids on both sides and then pin them at the back. The main thing in this hairstyle is to tie up half of the hair and you can do stylish braid styles to make it look stunning. Moreover, this half pony can be done straight or as a side half-pony. So, show your creativity and choose a style that fits your looks.

half pony hairstyle

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6. Adding a Ribbon

It is a one-minute hairstyle that you can do with the most beautiful accessory- ribbon. So, if you are thinking that ribbons can only be used for wrapping up the gifts, then just try this to be amazed. Take a feminine ribbon and tie it on a wispy ponytail. This ponytail looks gorgeous when done low, but you can also do it high as per your choice. For gorgeous looks, the ribbon must be tied perfectly into an attractive shape; otherwise, it will spoil your hairstyle.

Adding a RibbonAll the above-mentioned hairstyles will let you have appealing looks; you can choose the one depending on your hair length and the event you are going to do it for. However, never hesitate to try different hairstyles in your free time as it can let you discover the new ones that suit your look more.