Tape-in hair extensions, Tape in hair extensions pros and cons

Long, luscious locks are not the only reason why you should consider getting tape-in hair extensions. If you’ve always dreamed about having long, mermaid-like hair but don’t have the time or patience to grow your hair out, tape hair extensions can make your dreams come true.

While there are a number of different types of hair extensions to choose from, here are some of the reasons why tape-in hair extensions are the preferred choice for countless women.

Why More Women Choose Tape-In Hair Extensions

They Can Last Up to Two Months

When they’re cared for correctly, tape-in hair extensions can last up to two months. When most people see the tape that is used to attach the extensions to their natural hair, they’re not entirely convinced. However, the adhesive is not only durable but gentle on your natural hair too. To ensure that your tape extensions last for as long as possible, be sure to only choose Remy extensions.

They’re Lightweight

Many women, particularly those with fine hair, are worried about hair extensions placing additional strain on their natural hair. Tape-in hair extensions are the preferred choice because their lightweight – so much so that you’ll barely be able to feel them once they’ve been attached. These tape hair extensions details & gallery will give you a better idea of what they look and feel like.

They’re Easy to Maintain

Since you don’t need to attach and remove tape-in hair extensions, they’re easy to maintain and don’t require extra time in the mornings. This is not to say that you won’t need to give your hair extensions some extra attention but they can be cared for at the same time as your natural hair. You will need to make some slight adjustments to your hair care routine but it’s simple steps such as brushing your hair in the evenings and the morning instead of just the morning.

Your Hair is Instantly More Versatile

Once your tape-in hair extensions have been installed, your hair instantly becomes more versatile. You now have the freedom to enjoy many more hairstyles without having to wait for your hair to grow or go to the effort of attaching clip-in extensions. Since tape-in extensions are basically invisible, nobody will be able to tell that you’re wearing them, regardless of the hairstyle you choose.

Instant Volume

Along with extending the length of your hair, extensions will also give you added volume, something that’s particularly appealing if you’ve been struggling with thin hair for years. And as mentioned previously, the extensions won’t damage your already delicate hair.

Easily Wear Them While Working Out or Swimming

Unlike semi-permanent options such as clip-in hair extensions, you can easily work out, swim or shower with your tape-in hair extensions. This means that you don’t need to spend time removing and reattaching your extensions every time you want to engage in a specific activity. Tape-in hair extensions really do save you a lot of time and maintenance, making them well worth the investment.