Spring/Summer fashion color trends

When it comes to spring clothes, it is a common mistake to think you can wear your fall wardrobe come March. While you can get away with a few pieces during those transitional weeks, with the arrival of full-on spring, you will be sweating bullets. Try out some of the popular styles this season and discover the secret to wearing colors, patterns, and prints.

1. Gucci Sunglasses

As the weather heats up, sunglasses are arguably the one item that is essential to complete your spring and summer look. The sunglasses of your choice can make or break your appearance. When it comes to making a statement, Gucci sunglasses for men are often recognized for their unique designs that are sure to turn heads in a crowd.

If you are into sports or lead an active lifestyle, you might choose the Gucci GG0010S sunglasses. They will match your attire and lifestyle. These sunglasses come in a clear, black, or tortoise frame with green, yellow, or gray lenses.

2. Sailor Shirt

Sailor shirts are a popular style that is both comfortable and stylish. Adorned in actual nautical displays, this style includes everything from striped sweaters to airy shirts. Sailor shirts are perfect for days spent by the water and remain a decisive summer essential. It creates a more casual and comfortable look while being very breathable.

For colder nights, consider layering a sailor shirt with a minimalistic overcoat or a double-breasted blazer. You can also add loafers to desk up the look for an evening out. This shirt is the perfect transitional piece.

3. Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets have been popular for the last few years and became the go-to casual jacket for a good reason. They are super easy to throw on and dress up an outfit. Thanks to high-end designers giving them a unique spin, bomber jackets are currently associated with both business or casual looks.

Another alternative for a bomber jacket is the Harrington jacket. Made famous by James Dean, it makes the ideal spring jacket. It sits in that sweet spot between formal and casual and can be comfortably worn to work or when out grabbing a drink with friends. While both these jackets come in different colors and styles, consider staying away from reds and opt for navy or black.

4. Chambray Shirt

The chambray shirt was trending last year and the year before that, too, proof it is a menswear staple. While chambray might resemble denim, it is usually on the lighter side and made of cotton, linen, or a cotton/linen blend. It’s perfect for summer as the plain weave, and natural fibers allow cool air to pass through.

Chambray shirts generally have a speckled-like appearance and come in a wide array of colors. The best colors for summer are blue, gray, and dark blue. Light blue is a classic option and is likely the easiest to pair.

5. White Sneakers

Light-colored sneakers are a good transition piece for spring to summer, especially a solid white sneaker. These often become the workhorse of every guy’s footwear arsenal. It is both comfortable and offers a minimalist look that works well with almost all outfits.

You can use it to appear dressed up or dressed down. If you are looking for a touch of more warmth and color, a pair of gray sneakers may do the trick as well. They offer comfort while still staying fashionable.

6. Tropical Patterns

Much like neon, tropical patterns are great for vacations or any event where you dress up, intending to have a good time and a few laughs. This style can be completed with shorts or even swim trunks and is an easy way to give off a relaxed feeling. They can also be great for themed parties or nights on the beach.

When styling your outfit, stick with complementary colors that are already in your wardrobe. You can also choose patterns with interesting objects, such as plants and birds. The fabric is also important, and silk is your best bet, followed by wool or cotton.

Hit the Season in Style

When it comes to spring/summer fashion, the rule of thumb is not to sweat it. Ensure you keep things lightweight and functional. However, don’t sacrifice the aesthetic. Remember to always stick to your style and what makes you comfortable.