7 Foods That Help You Shed Pounds

Most people wish or would want to cut or lose weight because they feel their weight is too much. Others do so because the physicians advise them to try it for the sake and benefits of their health.

Weight loss should be a process or journey an individual chooses to embark on. There are people who wish to lose some pounds or weight to gain or get a shape they desire. Others just want to get or feel comfortable with less fat in the body. Weight loss diet should be looked at carefully. It needs a weight loss plan.

Consulting with the dietitians is also good. This is essential and important as one learns of food to include and those to exclude from her or his diet.


It is essential or vital to keeping in mind that vegetables should be more in the diet than the foods that are rich in fats or starch. This aids in the losing weight process. The weight loss plan should be such that it has or includes vegetables and fruits in every meal.

Vegetables, for example, the broccoli or the kales are very rich in vitamins and fiber. One may get fuller when he or she takes more of vegetables and avoid more starch or fats. The vegetables are also used in detoxification processes in the body.

Some veggies, for example, the broccoli is known to aid in dealing with issues or problems that are linked to overweight. Cabbage should be taken too. It has low cholesterol amounts or levels. This means that eating more of them is healthy. Other veggies that should be considered are the spinach. Other than aiding weight loss, they have many other benefits and advantages in the body.


One should have and include avocados in the weight loss plan. Avocados though fatty, are made of healthy fats. Taking or eating avocados helps in loss of weight in the body of an individual.

The avocados when taken aid and assist in the melting or burning of the fats stored or those in the body. In this way, one can do away with excessive fats in the body. Avocados thus need to be included or incorporated in the weight loss diet.

The other importance of the product is the detoxification role it plays in the body. One should keep off or avoid products with fats that are saturated.

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Black Beans

While coming up with a weight loss plan, an individual should not leave out black beans they should be included. Black beans are healthier. Compared to other proteins e.g. red meat, these beans are better to take or eat.

They do not contain calorie levels that are excessive or unhealthy. They lack the fats that are saturated. They should thus comprise of the weight loss diet. One should try avoiding those proteins with more fats that are saturated.


Most of the sea foods including salmon need to be in the weight loss diet regularly. The protein sources are healthy. They lack the saturated or unhealthy fats that may cause weight gain. They are popular for the content or presence of Omega 3.

One may feel fuller on taking or feeding on these products. They aid or help an individual to lose weight. They are low in fat levels or amounts. They do not compromise the weight loss plan for an individual. Apart from these roles and functions, salmon and other foods from the sea are good detoxification agents for the body.


These are filled with fiber. When included in the weight loss diet, one can be sure to attain or get good or expected results per the weight loss plan. They make an individual feel fuller due to high levels of fiber. They are essential in the role or function of aiding the metabolism of products taken into the body or system.

The weight loss role of oats is that they support and are involved in fat burning in the body. This then leads to success in the loss of weight endeavors.


Some people still take alcohol and beers when they are in the process of weight loss. This is wrong. The efforts of loss of weight may be wasted. Taking of wine in considerable moderate amounts at regular basis is something to include in one’s weight loss plan. Taking wine after meals is an ideal time.

Wine is a product known to help in the burning of calories in the body in a manner that is healthy. Those that use wine are likely to have slimmer or narrower waists if they are compared to those who take beers and alcohol more regularly. Wine is thus useful for weight losing efforts. Amounts should not be exceeded, though.

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Most of the fruits should be in the weight loss diet. While preparing or coming up with the weight loss plan fruits should be a core or major part. They play a significantly big role. Some contain fiber that is important in the system processes for example digestion.

Grapefruits, for example, are healthy to take as they help in lowering insulin amounts or levels of the body. Grapefruits can aid in weight loss. One should take them daily if one wants or desires to lose some pounds or fats.

Blueberries are known to be an aging, agent. The fruits have fewer calories and thus when taken reduce the intake of calories. The fiber content in most of the other fruits is important in making an individual feel fuller. They may thus avoid the habit of overfeeding or overeating. Other fruits that are good and useful in weight loss are the apples and the pears.

It is important to have a weight loss plan and follow it carefully. There is a need to monitor the progress. Seeing a dietitian is advised too. The most important or vital requirement is sticking to a plan that is right.

Such a plan will lead to better results. The weight loss diet should be balanced all the time. Being patient is also required. Always remember that loss weight is a process with a series of exercise and practices.