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The eyeliner is one of the most important makeup products that a woman can use. No matter the color or the texture, it can bring out beautiful features and add depth to one’s eyes. When you are just beginning to discover the world of makeup, it can be difficult to master all of the eyeliner techniques out there. This is the reason we have gathered the most important techniques for you; in the paragraphs below, you will find important advice that every woman needs to know.

1. Classic

The classic eyeliner technique is recommended for daily wear, the thin line guaranteeing an elegant look. For this look, you will need a pencil that is either black or dark brown in color. Start from the inner corner of the eye, going to the outer edge and make sure to apply it only on the upper lid. Do not make the line too thick, otherwise it will look as if you were overdoing it. A good affordable brand is Jonteblu, which offers a variety of eyeliners from pencil liners to liquid liners which are smooth and have great pigmentation.

2. Cat eye

The cat eye technique is recommended for a night out on the town. The single winged eyeliner maximizes your eyes and allow you to look more gorgeous than ever. For this technique, it is for the best to use liquid eyeliner and scotch tape (this will guarantee a more precise application). As for the actual products, you can try one of those beauty rewards program, such as MyBeautyGym. The scotch tape can help you draw the inner corner to perfection, so make sure to use it.

3. White

If you are going on a date, you need to give the white eyeliner a try. Before you apply the eyeliner, it is indicated to apply one of those hydrating eye creams. In this way, you will fill in the wrinkles and look great. The white eyeliner techniques can make your eyes to look bigger, drawing attention to your beautiful features. For this look, you will need a good white eye crayon. You should begin the application of the liner from the inner corner of the eye, working your way towards the exterior. Add some mascara to complete your look and you will impress everyone with your appearance.

4. Smoky

smokey eye makeup for Valentines day makeup 2017

The smoky look is more than perfect for parties and other events of this kind. If you want to make a statement, you should definitely give it a try. However, you have to maintain the rest of the makeup low key otherwise, the smoky eyes are not going to draw attention no more. For this look, you will need a black eyeliner, as well as dark eye shadow and an angled brush. For the first step, you need to dip your brush in water and then in the dark eye shadow. Then, draw the eyeliner at the level of the upper and inferior eyelids. In order to create the smoky look, use your finger to smudge the eye shadow for eye care.

5. Metallic

The metallic eyeliner is indicated for elegant parties, cocktails and dinner events. It shows that you have a relaxed personality, but you want to look good at the same time. For this look, you will require a top-quality pencil, preferably one that is gold, silver or bronze in color. All you have to do is draw a line from the inner corner to the outer one, making sure to maintain an even application.

6. Layered

The layered eyeliner techniques is more than recommended for wedding parties. This application will bring out your best features, allowing you to look elegant and beautiful at the same time. Make sure that the metallic eyeliner is visible as well, as this will add a unique touch. For the layered look, you will require two liquid eyeliners, one that is black and another one that is metallic. What you want to do is apply the black eyeliner first, then add a second metallic layer on top.

7. Double-winged

The double-winged eyeliner technique is ideal for those who are looking for a more dangerous look. For this look, it is for the best to go with a gel liner, applying it first at the level of the upper lash line. The upper wing can be created with the help of a scotch tape. Then, all you have to do is create a smaller wing on the bottom eyelash line.

These are some of the most popular eyeliner techniques and, as you have seen, there are quite easy to master. Keep in mind that the right application of eyeliner can make a genuine difference at the level of the face, allowing you to look beautiful. Each technique is recommended for a different moment of the day and also for a certain event, so make sure that you use them accordingly. Always practice the different techniques, as practice makes perfect and you want to look your best.


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