Summer is the season that alters the dryness and bring back the blossom which not only enhances the beauty of nature, but also bloom your personality by bringing back your hair life.

After enduring dryness of the winter season; Summer provides a chance to nourish the hair and get their beautiful shinny look back.

Every season requires a certain amount of care and has a huge effect on hair; so you need to follow certain tips in order to maintain the shine and beautiful texture of hair.

Here are Top Tips for Summer Hair Care:

Try To Minimize Shampoo Usage

Summer is the time to revitalize your hair health and to counter the dryness and frizzes. If you are keen and stay outside in the sun, try to wash the hair from only water or go for natural products such as corn and starch which at least don’t have any negative effects on the hair growth.

According to Surgeon Dr Rana Irfan; the extra use of these chemical shampoos disturbs the cuticle pattern which strip of the natural hair oil (sebum) from the hair; which is required for our hair to maintain the moisturizer.

The more you wash the sebum of the hair; a greater in the amount it will reproduce; so try to stop the resist the urge of daily shampoo and you will see the result.

Gentle Treatment Of Wet Hair

We have a habit of twisting around towels on our head after the bath. The twisting makes the knots in the hair. It’s good to make your hair dry naturally and avoid combs when the hair are damp.

During the Summer season; we frequently wash our hair off , and on roughly treats our hair after washing them up; which wrecks our hair natural health shine. Let your hair air dry and attain the finest hair beauty.

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Minimize The Use Of Hair Tools

Blow dry and ironing heats steal the hair shine and makes your hair frizzy and dry because the heat soaks up the moisture. The heat from these tools damage the hair cell and growth.

Various people use these tools to resist the frizz and to make the hair shiny; but they are not aware of the damages which affects the overall hair health.

Generally dermatologist suggest to do not use hair tools for any purpose because it damages the hair cell which sooner or later causes hair fall; if you are determined to use these tools at least apply heat protector on the hair to overcome the devastating damages.

Trim The Hair

I know it seems weird to you, to have a hair cut on Summer season; but fixing an appointment with the stylist will save your hair from many other troubles that came up with winter rough hair.

Here I am not taking about to cut the hair or change your style; just a little trimming in order to remove those dry split ends to make them ready for beautiful healthy summer hair growth.

UV Protection

UV rays damages the hair somehow. We have seen that whenever we are more exposed to sun our hair color starts getting light and they become thin as well.

Normally UV rays don’t bring direct damages to the hair, but over exposure will affect the hair. In summer , it is essential to protect the hair from the sun, which can be done by wearing hats and scarfs; to sustain the direct damages of UV rays .

Water Usage

Hydration requires by the body and skin, the second most important contributor in hair growth. No matter, which season you are encountering with; intake a huge amount of water. Water helps to resist dryness and keep the roots moisturize which strengthens the hair growth.

Summer comes with a natural urge to blossom, it is the best time to pamper your hair. Hair are the most important part of our beauty, which needs care and protection.

Every season requires a certain amount of care and protection. To maintain the hair health in the summer, follow the above mentioned tips and showcase beautiful smooth and shinny hair; this summer.