7 Men’s Fashion Ideas for Guys Who Love the Color Blue

Blue is a primary color in between green and violet in the spectrum of visible light. It is the color of the sea and the sky. Often associated with harmony, confidence, imagination in some cultures, it is the color most associated with masculinity. In western culture, polls have shown that it is the favorite color of at least half of both men and women. It’s even the favorite color of the internet. More than anything though, it’s just an awesome color!

If you are one of the 50% of people who love the color blue the most, you’re in luck. Blue is a stylish and versatile color that is easy to incorporate into any outfit, in any season, and with any style. You can dress it up or you can dress it down. You can wear it on special occasions or a quick trip to the store. If you are a fan of blue and want to wear more of it, here are seven men’s fashion ideas for guys who love the color blue.

1. Blue pants don’t have to be confined to jeans

Every guy has a favorite pair of blue jeans. They look good, they’re comfortable, and they go with pretty much everything. You can slide on that pair of blue jeans and throw just about any top on and you’ll be looking good. What most guys don’t realize is that they can get the same versatility (and more) from a pair of blue slacks or dress pants.

A nice pair of dark blue slacks can be dressed up with a sports coat and a nice button-down. For a more casual look, you can also wear them with a sweater or even a stylish t-shirt. Every guy should own at least one pair of dark blue slacks as part of their staple wardrobe. Blue lovers can own several in different shades.

2. Add some color with bold blue socks

Depending on your taste, a blue sock can add a subtle touch or a loud statement. No Cold Feet has a detailed guide to blue socks that has helpful ideas on how to pair them with an outfit. As for the type of blue socks you want, the choices are seemingly endless. There are many shades of blue you can go with from a true, primary blue to a light blue to blue-greens or blue-grays.

And your choices don’t stop with the color of socks. Socks come in all types of patterns as well that you can wear to achieve different looks. Striped socks, polka dot socks, and argyle socks all come in full or partial blue and are a great way to personalize your favorite outfit.

3. You can wear blue shoes

Elvis knew it long ago. Blue shoes are a fantastic look. The most common blue footwear is sneakers and you can have those in a myriad of blue shades. Neon blue, as a base color or an accent on your sneakers, is a very trendy look these days.

Mens blue fashion shoes

Don’t shy away from blue dress shoes either. They will look awesome with any type of blue suit or with one that is light gray. You can match your tie and/or shirt to your shoes while you’re at it for a super cohesive look.

4. The wide world of blue ties

Like blue socks, there are almost endless options when it comes to blue ties. You can get solid-colored, lightly textured, or fully patterned. These ties can be monochromatic or multicolored. If you love the color blue, you can create an extensive tie collection where every tie has blue in it.

Blue ties are traditionally best with blue or light gray suits, and so many shades will complement these outfits perfectly. If you have a tie that uses blue subtly or with darker colors, you can even wear a blue tie with a black or charcoal suit.

5. Let blue protect you from the cold

Most guys take the easy way out when it comes to coats and winter jackets. Buying a black jacket ensures that you can wear it in pretty much every situation. So many people have black coats that you know you’ll fit in anywhere you go.

If you want to stand out a little more in the crowd though, a blue jacket can be awesome. A navy blue pea coat or overcoat can be dressed down or up and helps you cut a more distinctive look either way. For ski jackets and more casual coats, royal blue or blue two-toned is the way to go. If you want to get crazy, blue leather or denim jackets will really show your style.

6. Blue accessories

Mens blue fashion accessories

Add a pop of blue to any outfit with a blue accessory. These will allow you to dress however you want while showing off your love of blue in a more subtle way. Some of the most common accessories you can get in blue include blue pocket squares, cufflinks, tie clips belts, suspenders, wallets, watches, glasses or sunglasses, or hats. These days, you can even accessorize with a blue mask.

7. Don’t be afraid to go blue on blue

The last tip for guys who love the color blue is not to shy away from blue on blue looks. There are so many awesome shades of blue – many of which go together very well – that you can put together entire looks that are super fashionable with just blue. For blue lovers, try this on for size: dark blue suit, light blue dress shirt, blue-gray tie, dark blue and light blue argyle socks, and some blue wingtips with brown accents. Now that’s a blue look!


Blue is such a great color and there are so many ways to wear it. Hopefully, the ideas above give you a good place to start adding more blue to your wardrobe. Don’t stop there though. Blue is such an all-purpose color you can do almost anything with it. Get creative and see how much blue you can do.