New workout routine, Changing workout routine benefits

Whether you work out regularly, or you just think about it while sitting on the couch watching American Ninja Warrior, you could benefit from trying a new workout. Some of us love routine, but there is such a thing as getting into a rut. Exercise yourself out of it! There are plenty of reasons to try something new today.

Even better, try something a little out of your comfort zone. Push yourself a little, and see just how far your heart and your body can take you. You might surprise yourself.

1. Meet New People

Switching from the treadmill to the elliptical might not mean meeting new people in new situations, but joining a new workout class or sport definitely will. Meeting people outside your normal social circles is a great way to expand your horizons. You already have something in common (the sport or class) so you have something to talk about. Yes, you might even find a special someone if you’re looking for romance. It happens quite a bit when you’re not expecting it.

2. Challenge Your Body

Have you been doing the same thing for a while? Your body is used getting used to it. Changing up your workout “keeps the body guessing” and is a great way to deal with frustrating fitness plateaus. Try mixing in new elements, or changing your workout completely for one day a week. If you run every day, try biking or weight lifting once a week. It’s a bit humbling as an athlete to do get sore after a new workout, but it’s a good sign that you’re challenging your body in new ways and getting results in overall fitness.

3. Challenge Your Brain

It’s not just your muscles that benefit from changing up your routine and trying something new. Your brain benefits as well. Really! Exercise, especially cardiovascular exercise, improves memory, and makes you more alert. You can go to your spinning class twice a week, and that’s fine, but how about a dance class and learning choreography? That’ll keep your brain engaged as well.

4. Learn New Skills

Playing sports can help you learn and engage all kinds of skills. Throwing a ball works on your hand-eye coordination, and you’ll feel more confident about playing a game of softball with friends or catch with your kids. Ice skating is fun, of course, but it also helps with balance and can even help you become a bit more graceful. Zumba gets you more in touch with your rhythm, and will more you more confident on the dance floor next time you’re at a rollicking wedding reception.

You’ve heard of football players who take ballet lessons and basketball players who do yoga. That’s because those skills and challenges translate directly into the sport they’re playing. If you already play a sport, trying something new can help balance your body and be an interesting way to up your game.

5. Get Happy

Studies show that new life experiences make people happier than material possessions. So, if you have a Christmas bonus you could spend on rock climbing lessons or a new pair of phone, you’ll be happier if you did the rock climbing. Think of it this way: in five years, you’ll have those memories of the challenge and excitement of touching the top of the rock wall for the first time. Will you still have the phone? Mixing up your workout and trying something fun and be a great activity with friends and family. Even if your dance class is an epic fail, at least you’ll be laughing about it.

6. Charge Your Relationship

One of the best ways to keep your relationship exciting and fresh is to try new things together. Getting moving together improves your health, so you can stay happy and healthy together for as long as possible. An active date night changes things up, and might end up sparking a little more physicality later, if you catch my drift.

7. Life Is Short

Go out and have some fun! You only live once, so you might as well try out as much as you can.