Why Women Should Use CBD for PMS

CBD is a cannabinoid found in Marijuana. This is one of 85 found in the plant, and it has been found to have great benefits in many situations. One such scenario is the various issues a woman faces while she is dealing with pre-menstrual syndrome or PMS. This also holds true throughout the week of her period.

1. Pain Relief

This means that all the associated discomfort and pain that comes with that time of the month for a woman can be addressed by working cannabidiol, or CBD, into your diet. While there are a lot of recommendations about using CBD for pain during cancer treatments or other long-term ailments, it is not always readily discussed that the same benefits regarding pain abatement can be applied to issues like menstrual pain.

2. Stress Relief

Stress is a common problem at any time, but when a woman is dealing with hormonal issues and menstrual pain, stress can cause greater flare ups and even more discomfort. The ability to deal with a stressful situation and remain calm is helpful, and that benefit can come from ingesting CBD.

3. Calming Anxiety

Anxiety is another feeling that can greatly exacerbate the pain a woman feels during her period. This is not ideal, and a woman that can find a way to calm the anxiety is well on her way to feeling better about her period in general.

4. Helping Balance Hormones

CBD helps balance hormones within the body. This is why it can help with stress and anxiety, as noted above. During a woman’s period, the body is attempting to balance hormones and typically goes through a time where everything is in upheaval. Using CBD can reduce this time frame drastically.

5. Helps with Other PMS Side Effects

Another benefit is that CBD is specifically recommended to help with the side effects of PMS. This means that any of the issues that normally plague you during menstruation can be addressed with the ingestion of CBD. This means irritability, unpredictable moods and even clear up acne.

6. Natural Way to Deal with Health Issues

Some people believe that medicine is against the natural order of things. Using the help of a medical professional is going against the intended flow of life. However, using CBD is simply applying a treatment that is found in nature to the issues that plague a woman each month. This is not interfering with life’s intended plan.

7. Less Chemicals Your Body Has to Process

Over-the-counter medications that are used to treat PMS introduce toxins and chemicals into the body. Long-term studies have not been done to figure out the effects of these chemicals. Therefore, it is important to minimize your body’s exposure to man-made chemicals. Sticking to a treatment like CBD means your body is processing something that is present in a naturally-grown plant. This increases the effectiveness and cuts out the exposure to chemicals that might have negative future effects.

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