Ways To Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh All Day

If you have long working days or want to look great from the beginning to the end of a substantial journey, you’ve probably wondered how you can prevent the need for repeated makeup applications. Keep the following eight tips in mind if you want to keep your makeup looking fresh all day.

1. Find a good primer

A primer is essentially a base for your makeup, and all primers share the feature of helping your makeup keep that ‘just applied’ look for longer. Applied before foundation, concealer or powder, primers come in a huge range of different forms that cater to all skin types.

If you’re prone to oiliness around the nose and chin, a mattifying primer can take the edge off this sheen, while a green-tinged primer can help to dull acne scarring or other sources of redness. Don’t be put off by the price tag, as a small tube of primer will last for months.

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2. Apply finishing powder

Dusted onto your face after the rest of your makeup, finishing powder helps to set your makeup and prevent it from creasing or disappearing. Most finishing powders also help to minimize the appearance of imperfections, making wrinkles and fine lines much less obvious.

Once again, finding the best finishing powder will depend on your skin type, so it’s smart to try a range of samples before making a selection. Some boost luminescence to give your skin a healthy glow, while others help to suppress unwanted shine.

3. Use a translucent lip liner

Using a translucent lip liner helps to stop your lipstick or lip gloss from smudging or starting to move beyond your mouth. While invisible to the naked eye, it forms a powerful barrier that keeps your lip makeup firmly in place.

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4. Watch out for eye makeup smudges

When your eyeliner starts smudging or looking uneven, your entire look stops looking fresh. Check your eyes throughout the day, then use a Q-tip to get rid of any little smudges and make your liner look newly applied once again.

5. Blot instead of reapplying

If your face starts to look sweaty in spite of the great primer you have added to your arsenal, try using blotting paper instead of starting from scratch. Blotting paper is highly absorbent and comes in thin sheets that are gently wiped over the shiny areas of your face to remove excess amounts of oil.

6. Look into eye primers

Eye primers are essential for fans of eye shadow. In particular, bright shades tend to turn bland and dull before the day ends, but a primer can help to keep them looking vibrant. However, if you tend to wear light eye makeup then it’s possible that you won’t need an eye primer.

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7. Invest in waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara isn’t only useful if you’re going swimming or bracing yourself to cry at a friend’s wedding. Unlike regular mascaras, it won’t transfer to the area below your eyes or work its way up towards your eyebrow, and it tends to look fresh all day. However, make sure you remove it carefully when you are cleansing your face, as the durability of waterproof mascara means that you may accidentally remove some eyelashes.

Thankfully, there are products designed to remove even the most stubborn mascara or eyeliner without causing damage to the skin or lashes.

8. Take good care of your skin

Finally, although it takes time to influence how your makeup looks, taking good care of your skin is essential. If your makeup starts to crease or flake during the day, you need to use a more effective moisturizer (preferably one that keeps the skin hydrated all day).

If, on the other hand, no makeup on earth seems powerful enough to battle your skin’s oils, you may need an acne treatment serum or a mattifying moisturizer that carefully dulls shine without sapping the skin’s necessary moisture. Exfoliation also helps to remove dead skin cells, giving your makeup a smoother and more youthful looking base.


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