9 things to do with fruits

Often, we get bored of eating our daily dose of fruits. They may be tasty, but we do tend to forget eating them on a regular basis. It is also a challenging task to make our children eat fruits.

Fruits provide us with many nourishing nutrients, and it is necessary to consume at least one fruit a day. You don’t have to bite into a fruit every morning if you don’t feel like. There are many alternatives to consume fruits in different forms.

Here are a few exciting things you can cook up using fruits –

1. Juice

This is probably the easiest and most common thing you can make using a fruit. Take any fruit you wish from the fruit baskets and put them in a juicer. Add some sugar and water if you want. Grind it and you will get a nice and healthy drink.


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2. Milkshake

It is a close cousin of juice. All you have to add is a little bit of milk with ice cream. It is tastier than juices but has more calories.


3. Jams

Jams go well with breads and buns. Jams are semi jellied, soft and evenly textured pulpy products made of fruits. You can make jams at home or buy them from stores. They usually consist of fruits, sugar, flavours and water. You can make jam from apples, mango, pineapples, cherries, oranges, etc.

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4. Jelly

Kids are going to love this fruit spread. This semi solid, soft jam like sweet is popular among kids and adults too. It is made of fruits, sugar and pectin. Little amounts of flavouring and colouring are also added to enhance the taste.


5. Fruit Wine

Wine is the fermented alcoholic beverage usually prepared from fruits. Wines are made of fruits and berries like grapes, pineapples, apricots, blackberry, cashew, blueberry, kiwi, lychee, peach, raspberry, strawberry, fig and many more. Wine is however suitable only for elders and not for kids.

Fruit wine

6. Fritters

Frying fruit slices and adding a dash of salt and spice can make it very yummy to eat. Jackfruit and banana frhttps://mybeautygym.com/exciting-health-benefits-of-strawberries/itters are very yummy to eat. The deep fried snacks may not be very healthy but are absolutely finger licking.

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7. Fruit Salads

Cut a few fruits into small cubes and add your favourite herbs and spice; you have your bowl of salad. You can also add a scoop of ice cream to make it delicious.

Fruit salads

8. Popsicle

The best thing you can make in summers using fruits is a Popsicle. Juice out the fruit you like. Strain out the solids if you want. Add sugar and mix well. Freeze it and then you can much on the yummy popsicles of your favourite fruit.


9. Fruit Pies

Everyone loves a fruit pie. This baked dish has baked dough on the cover and a soft filling of fruits in the centre. You can make a filling of your wish. Apple, mango, strawberry, plum, and other fruits are used in making pies.

Fruit Pies

Get your fruit basket delivery today and start making exciting stuffs to eat using fruits? They are not just fun to make but also healthy and tasty to eat.