After attending the wedding of a very close friend, we were driving back. The drive was long, so my friend being an insurance company executive I thought it would be a great idea to know if insurance cover was available for treatment of infertility.

The realization dawned on me because of the fact that we had undergone the trauma of Infertility which was considered a taboo in most of our societies where a woman who could not conceive needed solace and understanding but became a target for discrimination meted to such couples by their relatives. The position of infertile women in Indian society was pathetic which resulted in her being ostracized and stigmatized.

In our conservative society to get married in a male dominated and child obsessed society infertility wrests on women. Gynecologist brush aside infertility in a woman as a one in million probability. She would suggest some hormones, and will not recommend her patients to specialists as knowledge of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is found wanting.

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The times have changed and today the medical science has evolved where it has busted this myth and has made it possible for a woman to realize her dreams of motherhood.

It has been proved that the conception of a woman centers around the abdomen and the pelvic region for which two things are relevant to prescribe any treatment. An examination by Laparoscopy and by fallopian embolization.

#1. Laparoscopy For Infertility

Laparoscopy for infertility involves the insertion of a needle in the belly button by which you can visualize any deformities in the abdomen area. Embolization is a surgical technique to either block blood from flowing to shrink a tumor or block aneurysm.

The procedure involves both the husband and wife where semen analysis, checking ovulation cycles or assessment of ovary reserves are recorded and after these investigation the laparoscopy for infertility is taken up. In most cases only a small percentage of women have problems which need to be corrected after laparoscopy.

#2. Embolization Procedure

Embolization procedure is performed on males to determine the sperm counts and sperm motility rate. It is a very simple surgical method which needs no hospitalization and can be performed in a clinic by trained person

In order to make it succeed it is necessary to believe in your self which is the first secret to success. If you are one of those who get depressed at the thought of infertility and stop exploring possibilities of overcoming this, because of social stigmas attached, then my simple advice is this is your life live it and enjoy it.

You have facilities and specialty hospitals to counsel you to overcome this problem. It has been now established that infertility is an illness caused by abnormal functioning of the reproductive system which can be medically treated. It involves a checkup of the couple followed by IVF. Periodical check ups for keeping track of the progress is advised.

Infertility treatments are recognized by insurance companies and they argue that if bypass surgery can be covered so also abnormally functioning reproductive system cannot be excluded. While certain fertility treatment can be costly, most are inexpensive provided they are monitored by experts attached to a dedicated fertility clinic.