Activate your Ajna Chakra and Heart Chakra Learn with Shakuntali the Special Mudras to connect with your life's mission and feel more love

The Ajna Chakra is a very important chakra, it is responsible for our concentration, our clear vision and with a healthy and powerful Ajna Chakra we know also about our goal, what we want to do in this life. In this article you can learn from Shakuntali a special mudra that is helping you to always have energy in your Ajna Chakra so you can follow your mission, have a lot of concentration and great vision.

To perform this special mudra from Shakuntali you need to unite your palms together in the gesture of namaste and then just part your thumbs away from the other fingers in direction to your heart. The next step is to put your elbows together so that they are parallel to the ground and the tips of the thumbs are touching the place between your eyebrows, there where the third eye is. Shakuntali guides her students to actively feel in this mudra, in this position, how energy is flowing and going inside of their Ajna Chakra. So see now the dark blue ball of energy that is spinning around inside of your head, inhale now and then sing the special mantra “ONG”. Repeat this three times and then feel how the energy is going outside in all your aura and a lot of concentration and power is coming inside of you. Shakuntali is recommending to do this exercise everyday.

The second mudra you can learn from Shakuntali is for your Anahata Chakra. The Anahata Chakra is your heart chakra and it is placed in the area of our chest. It is the chakra of love, compassion, harmony and peace. The place within you, where you are connected to all your religious feelings and connected to God. Shakuntali teaches her students how to activate this chakra with the special mudra. To do this mudra please connect now the first and the second finger together, the other fingers stay very close and straight together. The next step is to cross your arms in front of your chest and lay downs your hands, in the mudra, on the chest. Now you can close your eyes and feel how energy of green colour is flowing around and inside of your Anahata Chakra. Feel in this position how abundance of love and compassion is activating inside of you. Shakuntali teaches to sing the special Mantra of the Anahata Chakra “YANG” together with this mudra. So you simply do inhale and then sing “Yang”, repeat three times. Feel how this beautiful energy is going in all your aura and you feel more love in your life.

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