Taking time off and exploring the world is important for both your mind and body. Taking a vacation can help you destress and give you the chance to take a bit of a break from some of the more arduous elements of your day-to-day workout schedule.

But the grind doesn’t just stop, and gains need consistent effort. So staying on top of your exercise routine on vacation, even if you cut it down a little, is important.

But keeping up your good exercise practices abroad can be tricky, and when you are surrounded by white-sand beaches, sun loungers, warm weather, delicious food, and the occasional tasty cocktail or two, it can be a challenge to maintain your routine.
Luckily, technology can come to your aid!

There are plenty of great apps and digital tools that can help with your exercise routine on your vacations and keep you on the road to success. So whether you are sailing from California to Mexico on a cruise or on a road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway, check out the best tech for maintaining a workout schedule while traveling.


You’ve probably heard of Peloton – the omnipresent, slick cycling and treadmill company that runs advanced, real-time digital classes. And you might be wondering how these would work in a vacation setting. But don’t worry, you don’t have to take your stationary cycle with you on the road! Peloton also has a fantastic app, with a huge library of classes and workouts, including a whole load of body weight exercises that are perfect for when you don’t have access to a gym or dumbbells. A monthly subscription costs $12.99 with your first month free.

Future Fitness

How would you like to bring your personal trainer with you on vacation? Well, Future Fitness is the next best thing (and means fewer awkward conversations about who’s turn it is to sleep on the couch…!). The app connects you with a professional Future coach who designs bespoke workouts and exercise schedules for you, all of which are fully flexible depending on how much time you have and what equipment is available to you. So if you are away from the gym and don’t have access to exercise machines or weights, you’ll still get a series of customized workouts, perfect for keeping you going during your time away. The premium version costs $149 a month.


Strava is one fitness app that everyone should own, regardless of what they do or where they are. This awesome tool started out focusing on runners and cyclists but is constantly adding new sports and exercises, making it the ultimate all-rounder. It is great for anyone looking to keep on top of their exercise abroad, tracking a huge range of data about your workouts, but it is particularly useful for runners and cyclists. You can join local groups, plot new routes, discover existing trails, and generally learn a whole lot about somewhere you’ve never been before, all from the palm of your hand! Strava’s basic version is free, and the premium option costs $59.99 for a year.

FitStar Personal Trainer

Finally, if you are traveling on a shoestring but still want to stay fit, FitStar Personal Trainer is one of the best budget options around. It is specifically designed for workouts on the go, with programs and exercises that don’t need machines or weights and are quick and easy to follow. The free version includes two workouts a week, as well as several Freestyle sessions, as well as a ‘fit test’ from football hero Tony Gonzalez!