how to beat the heat with natural herbs

Sun is upon us, the summer has set in and the temperature is rising. We already have started to feel dehydrated and exhausted. This time of the year is supposed to be fun, after all, it’s vacation time! But, somehow, we feel restricted due to the scorching heat and end up spending the vacations at home only.

All those summer dresses that we have bought during winters with great enthusiasm sit in the wardrobe only because Hey! We cannot risk sunburns. We cannot eat much because the digestion is little tricky in summers and we cannot enjoy outside as there is a risk of sunstroke.

Not to forget nausea, weakness, and headaches. We are not scaring you, but you all know that with great summers come great bummers.

Anyhow, you can still enjoy summers if you take a proper care of your health. First and foremost thing is you need to drink a lot of water. Do not step outside your home without a water bottle. Even better option is to drink detox water.

Add the fruits and veggies of your choice in the water and drink it at regular intervals. Fruit juices are another good option. Let us see how you can take complete care of your body from head to toe using herbal home remedies. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Hair

We all love our hair and sweat in summers seem to be our biggest enemy. There is a lot of hair fall and stickiness on scalp just on the second day of hair wash. Most of the people do not wash their hair daily, so how can they combat common hair issues? It’s easy, look in your kitchen and you can find many solutions for your hair troubles.

Mask: Egg yolk means protein and your hair needs protein to grow. Olive oil nourishes your hair and helps in restoring the elasticity. If you have dry hair, then you should massage your hair with olive oil daily.

Talking about the hair mask, mix the two ingredients and prepare a mixture, it would be of a runny consistency. Use hair brush or your fingers to apply this mask onto hair from roots to tips. Keep it for 30 minutes and then wash it off.

The egg in the mask would give a foul smell to your hair, so you can use any essential oil for good aroma in the mixture. Follow the procedure by a good herbal shampoo. You can skip the conditioner because the mask is already very conditioning. Not only you will see less hair fall, your hair will become bouncy and shiny.

Hair Massage: If you have dandruff, sweat makes the condition worst, you should massage your hair with coconut oil with half lemon juice. The ratio can be varied according to the length of your hair.

Some people do not like to oil their hair and some people do not think it is a necessity, but it would not hurt if you oil your hair 30 minutes before taking a bath or keeping it overnight.

Do not keep the oil in hair for more than a day in your hair because in summers, oil attracts more dirt and dust making the hair messy. Many people swear by using castor oil for regrowth of lost hair. Applying castor oil regularly can do magic with your hair. You can mix some other oil with it because it is quite thick.

Hair Rinse: You can make your own shampoo for summers at home, but let’s face the reality, it is not possible for all of us. As such, we have to settle with the less harmful shampoo available in the market. You can prepare an after shampoo rinse for your hair to restore the lost shine.

All you have to do is take apple cider vinegar and mix it in water because concentrated ACV is harmful to hair and skin. Now after shampoo, pour this mixture onto your hair and leave for 10 minutes.

After your 10 minutes are up, wash the hair thoroughly and you are done. The difference would be visible just after two-three applications.

2. Face

With the summers, the problem of acne and blemishes becomes more serious. Sun tan is yet another problem. Let us see how you can solve common facial skin complication using herbal things.

Acne: Not only green tea reduces inflammation, it also protects skin from cancer. Honey is antibacterial and antiseptic. It restores the elasticity of the skin and provides required moisture. Make a paste of green tea and honey and massage on your face. Keep the pack on for 20 minutes and then rinse off.

summer care with herbs

Tan: To remove tan, rub tomato, cucumber, and potato on your face two times a day followed by the aloe vera cream. These things work better and faster than chemical treatments sitting on the market shelves.

Blemishes: If you have got blemishes due to skin disorders or due to prolonged sun exposure, this summer get rid of it permanently. Make a smooth paste of ground oats with lemon juice and apply it on the face. Wash it when dry.

Dull Skin: If your skin has lost its radiance in summer even if you step out all covered, you can save your skin by a few simple steps. Firstly exfoliate with pumpkin+sugar+lemon scrub. Pumpkins are rich in vitamins which bring back the lost suppleness in the skin.

Lemon is a natural cleanser and sugar helps in removing the dead skin from the face. For the mask, you can use tomato-yogurt mixture or milk-turmeric one. Both of the mixtures are thin and so you can add gram flour to it.

After applying the mask, your face would feel rejuvenated and you will get a clearer complexion. Repeat the process twice a week.

3. Body

While focusing on our face and hair, we often forget about rest of the  body. As such our body skin becomes darker than the face over a period of time. Make sure that you scrub your body with lemon and brown sugar mixture once a week, maybe on Sundays.

You can add some essential oil and honey to the mixture for aroma and to restore moisture. After scrubbing the whole body, take a shower and you will feel liberated. For more cooling effect, you can go for a mud bath in a spa, or you can apply fuller’s earth pack on your body and when it dries out, take a shower.

4. Foot

Who loves cracked heel? No one, but in summers we all get one because we ignore wearing socks in summers. To feel relaxed this summer and to get a great soft foot, prepare a milk soak for your feet. Firstly, warm the milk and water to the temperature your feet can endure.

Now soak your feet for 10 minutes. After that, use a foot scrub. Mix sugar with honey or body lotion or almond oil and scrub your feet. Apply nourishing coconut oil after that. You can also use the foot creams if you have one.

Try to wear shoes while going outside such that your feet do not get tanned. If it is not possible, then after coming home wash them too like you would do with your face.

Some Additional Tips:

  1. Do not  leave workouts and exercises in summer but avoid stressful activities out in the Sun. Try to be inside spacious air-conditioned rooms.
  2. Drink green tea instead of your regular tea. It is great for your overall health and boosts the immunity too.
  3. Use sunscreen lotions while going out and even inside the home. Invest in a good SPF.
  4. Wear dress with comfortable fabric such that your body can breathe easily. Avoid tight dresses and dark colored clothes.
  5. Avoid hot spices, coffee, alcohol and non-veg food. Take frequent small meals. Include seasonal fruits in your diet. Try to take fresh food in summers.
  6. Do not take carbonated drinks to quench the thirst, they do more harm than good for your health.
  7. You can take health supplements to stay fit. You can find tanviherbals online and they have great options for healthy supplements.

Do not avoid going out and just sit at home, you will miss out the great fun. Enjoy vacations with your family and step outside fully prepared. You have your water, sunscreen, first aid for heat strokes and cool summer dresses, so you are good to go.

Enjoy ice creams and mangoes and watermelons. Go for some water sports or hiking for that matter. You know how to restore your skin, hair and body balance after coming from the vacations or small picnics.

Just do not hesitate to step out because if Sun hits you, you are ready to retaliate. We wish you a healthy and happy summer!