Being Beautiful Starts With Being Healthy

We often get excited about being beautiful on the outside, using our favorite beauty products or wearing our favorite outfits. This means that sometimes we forget that being beautiful means we also must focus on our health and wellbeing. We have all experienced days where we were feeling a little under the weather and others pointed out we did not look like our most beautiful selves. There are several relationships we should commit to if we want to stay healthy. If we put a bit of time and energy into our health, we will find that our beauty products and amazing outfits work even better than before to make us look stunning.

Improving Our Relationships With Our Doctors

One important way to stay healthy is to stay on top of our physical health. This often looks like making sure we have a good relationship with our doctors. Our doctors can help provide regular health checkups. They might also suggest screenings; a regular heart screening, a universal STI screening, or a cancer screening depending on our family history and risk factors. While we may be tempted to want to skip these screenings, they are important if we want to stay healthy. If we have a good relationship with our doctors, they will be able to suggest ways to keep ourselves healthy both short and long term. If we want to be our truly beautiful selves, we can’t skip our doctor appointments.

Improving Our Relationships With Ourselves

If we are our own best friend, we will tend to find that our mirror shows this inner beauty. It can be too easy to get lost in the business of our lives and forget sometimes we must put ourselves first. One way we can be our own friend is to make sure we consider our mental health. There are several tips to improve mental health including eating well, exercising, and making sure we ask for help when we need it. No matter how much work we put into being beautiful, if we don’t feel beautiful inside it will be hard for us to look beautiful outside. Just like we need to befriend our doctors we have to befriend ourselves. In other cases, we might find we need to also befriend a therapist who can help us reframe our struggles. Investing in ourselves, no matter what shape this takes, always gives back dividends.

Improving Our Relationships With Our Busy Lives

How Being Beautiful Starts With Being Healthy

We may wonder how we can stay beautiful when we have what feels like an ever-growing mile long to-do-list. While it may sound odd when we feel like we already have too many things to do it is important that we carve out time for ourselves. Making sure we take care of ourselves so we can feel our best can really make a real difference in how well we are able to handle typical day-to-day challenges. If we feel frazzled and distracted, we tend to find it harder to make ourselves look gorgeous.

Carving out me-time can look like many different things. We might start by making sure we get enough beauty sleep, eat a varied diet, and take a multivitamin. Next, we might make sure we are regularly carving our time for connection and community. Finally, we might focus on giving back to others by volunteering our time, energy, or financial resources. With a healthy lifestyle, deep connections with others, and a regular practice of giving back we will often find that we can be gentler with ourselves. In the end this means we feel more relaxed and calmer. The more centered we are the more everyone will be able to see how beautiful we are.

When our lives are busy it can be easy to believe we do not have the time or energy needed to befriend our doctors or ourselves. We may even struggle to get enough sleep, build connections with others, or find time to give back to our communities. Beauty products and our favorite outfits can be a quick beauty pick-me-up but the better we feel about ourselves the more we will always look beautiful no matter the timing or the context. If we do everything in our power to make sure we are healthy inside and out others will be able to tell.