Benefits of Using Organic Baby Clothes

Welcoming a new baby comes with excitement and expenses at the same time. Babies require various items such as clothing, cribs, and toys. Recently, most parents are concerned with how baby clothes are manufactured since most synthetic fabrics contain PVC and other chemicals that may affect the baby’s skin.

When looking for baby clothes, it’s good to have some background information about the cotton’s origin. Also, check if the distributing company is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Both bodies have set rules and regulations that govern how organic products are grown, processed, and packed. Also, ensure an organic product has a GOTS logo to avoid buying counterfeits.

Importance of choosing organic baby clothes

Parenting comes with many debates- people trying to justify what they feel is okay for the baby. Deciding if to settle for organic clothes is one issue that is giving parents a hard time. However, those who understand the benefits of organic products cannot settle for conventional clothes for the following reasons.

1. Sustainable farming practices

Most baby organic fabrics are made of fiber from farms that practice the right farming methods. These farming methods ensure there’s low carbon input in the soil to avoid environmental pollution.

2. Naturally grown plants

Organic clothes are made with organically grown flax, cotton, and soy plants. Throughout their growing period, farmers use organic pesticides and fertilizers. The aim is to avoid chemicals and genetically modified organisms. Also, organic farmers protect the environment by conserving water and reducing its usage by 91% compared to conventional farming.

3. No post-manufacturing treatment

Organic baby wears do not go through post-manufacturing treatments that can cause skin irritation due to the chemicals used in farming and processing method.

Importance of choosing organic baby clothes

4. It Last Longer

Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton baby clothes last longer; thus, you don’t need to buy new baby clothes now and then. Organic cotton fibers are grown with no chemicals, both in the growing and weaving stage. This is why the quality of organic cotton is superior and does not wear easily. Consider Cat & Dogma baby clothing that lasts longer.

5. Organic Cotton is Comfy and softer.

Clothes made from organic cotton are soft and smooth for the baby’s skin. But if drenched in chemicals during processing, cotton loses its smoothness and becomes rough, which may cause discomfort to the baby’s skin.

6. Setting Higher Standards for other Companies.

Ever since parents knew about the benefits of organic cotton cloths, the organic dealers have reaped well. This has led to other companies raising the quality of their items to compete with organic products.

7. It’s Friendly to Farmers

The process of getting organic baby clothes also favors farmers who work without exposure to toxic substances while on the farms. So, buying organic clothes or bedding means you are protecting your baby and the farmers and factory workers as well.

8. Increased Availability

Some time back, organic baby clothing was hard to find in the market. But as more parents became aware of the importance of using organic clothing, the products are becoming available in baby shops. The factories are also making different selections for baby’s clothes and beddings.

9. Absorbent Diapers

Babies use diapers more than any other clothing. That’s why it is every parent’s concern about the types of diapers they purchase in the market. The baby’s skin is soft and prone to rashes if subjected to harsh conditions. Organic diapers are soft and are made with non-toxic substances that are friendly to the baby’s soft skin. You can choose disposable or washable organic pieces.

10. Just Treatment of Workers

GOTS protects workers in organic growing farms and processing companies. These rules ensure that the workers are paid fairly and work in safe and hygienic conditions. GOTS is against child labor, long working hours, and discrimination. Farm owners and workers also benefit financially from selling cotton.

Lastly, every parent ensures they feed their babies with the safest food and water free from chemicals. Why not settle for organic clothing? Organically made clothes are harmless to the baby since they don’t contain any chemicals. Also, GOTS certification adds more weight to why organic clothes are the best for babies.