BEST Lineman Boots

Here’s a list of the 5 BEST Lineman Boots of 2024… 

I made sure to find the absolute BEST Lineman Boots for Climbing Poles, Steel Towers, and the best cheap pair/best pair for the money….

I’ll help you find out which is best for you personally and why, SO….

Go ahead and dive on in Lineheads…

It’s time to find your next pair of boots that’ll allow you to climb towers & poles, effortlessly….

1. Wesco Highliner 16″ – Best Lineman Boots For Cable (CATV)

Wesco Highliner 16 - Best Lineman Boots For Cable

My Father was a CATV lineman for about 40 years and he says Wesco was one of his most favorite lineman boots of all time… 

Wesco definitely has a proven reputation for being a comfortable boot to climb in, since it is one of the best selling and most well known brands of lineman boots OF ALL TIME…

CATV Linemen and Wesco boots have been long-time companions and because of Wesco’s reliability and quality…

Which has essentially made them the King of work boots for CATV Linemen everywhere….

​Don’t believe me?

Just ask any CATV Lineman with a lot of years of experience under their belt and they’ll with no doubt say that Wesco is one of their favorites, if not their #1 most favorite boot brand.

Check out this forum of CATV Linemen, in which nearly EVERY SINGLE ONE of them who has replied, has stated Wesco is King…

Wesco is a very high end, high quality, american made, patriotic, tough, reliable, and comfortable, boot…

That will help you get the job done easier and won’t cause back or leg pains like cheap low quality boots would…

And another great thing about Wesco, is their commitment to their hard working customers!

Most brands will just forget about you as soon as you fork out your hard earned money for their product, BUT NOT WESCO!

Wesco will rebuild, and recondition your boots​….

PLUS, you can even call their customer service support team and request a custom built pair of boots, JUST FOR YOU!

Now, that’s quality, wouldn’t you agree?

Bottom line is, get Wesco’s if you’re a CATV Lineman and you mean fuckin business now brotha!

Note: You may not want the 16″ version because for some people, that high of a shaft will rub against your leg… Unless you have tall socks on. So you may wanna try the 10″ boots instead… It’s really just all personal preference!

Wesco Work Boots are the Best Lineman Boots to Climb Poles In:

Wesco Boots are the most comfortable boot for CATV linemen available. These boots are designed to prevent slipping while climbing on poles, while also providing as much comfort possible to make your job easier & to prevent immense aching and pains after long days at work or even serious health issues such as arthritis, tendinitis, etc….

Who are Wesco Boots Best For?

They are for CATV linemen who desire to have the most comfortable climbing and working experience possible….

One Major problem, however, is that Wesco is quite expensive (But no doubt worth the price)…

They are the best pole climbing boot money can buy so of course they won’t be cheap, but they’re worth it….

​Wesco are the best lineman boots for climbing poles…


  • High Quality, Durable Leather
  • Virtually NO Negative Reviews
  • You Can Request Custom Made Boots
  • U.S.A Made (Patriotic Brand)
  • #1 Most Reliable Brand Choice Of CATV Linemen For Decades
  • Smooth & Comfortable
  • Anti-Slip, Vibram Soles
  • Protection Against Climbing Spurs
  • Extra Heavy & Ribbed Steel Shank For Amazing Comfort & Traction
  • Best Work Boots For CATV Linemen & For Climbing Poles
  • 5 Star Rated Boots


  • Expensive (But Worth It)
  • Only For CATV Linemen (NOT For Power Linemen)


  • 16 Inch Black Shaft (Other Shaft Heights Available If You Prefer Shorter)
  • Recessed Metal Heel Breastplate (Offers Protection From Climbing Spurs)
  • Steel Sideplate And Removable False Tongue
  • Vibram Lug Sole. 7 Oz. Full-Grain Leather And Leather Side Flap
  • Non-Corrosive, Ribbed, Slightly Arched Steel Shank For Comfort And Maximum Support
  • Leather 10 – 10-1/2 Iron (.219″ Thick) Half-Slip For Added Support In The Arch

2. Ariat Powerline H2O – BEST Lineman Boots For Steel Towers (Power Lineman)

Ariat Powerline H2O - BEST Lineman Boots For Steel Towers

Ariat rules the Power Lineman Boots Scene…

They offer a boot that’s very well built, with unbelievable comfort and flexibility…

Which makes work a lot easier when you have an incredible pair of work boots like these…

If you’re needing a pair of boots for climbing steel towers then look no further…

Ariat’s Powerline Boots are designed to keep you 100% safe from all electrical hazards while climbing…

Plus, they’re waterproof, oil resistant, slip resistant AND, they’re a huge relief on your aches, pains, and bones…

Most Linemen who own this pair of boots boast about how easy these boots are on your back, legs, and feet….

And having work linemen boots that can help ease ache and pains is always something you want, when looking for a pair of boots to work in…

Other things that power lineman have said about these boots are that: they’re very warm, breathe surprisingly well, and they break in immediately, so you can wear them to work the same day you get them with no needed oils or hassle to break them in!


  • Heavy Duty And Break In Quickly
  • Slip-Resistant
  • Made Out Of Leather
  • Electrical Hazard Compliant & Safe
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Extra Wide Steel Shank
  • Very Durable And Very Well Made
  • Mid-Range Price
  • Best Powerline Work Boots For Climbing Steel Towers


  • Expensive (But Worth It)
  • Only For Power Lineman (Climbing Steel Towers)


  • Composite Toe
  • Leather Material
  • Lug Sole
  • Waterproof, Oil Resistant, Slip Resistant, And Electrical Hazard Safe
  • Advanced Torque Stability Pro
  • Extra-Wide Shank For Climbing Stability

3. Red Wing Iron Ranger – BEST American Made Lineman Boots For Powerlineman

Red Wing Iron Ranger - BEST American Made Lineman Boots For Powerlineman

If you’re looking for a Boot that lasts a long time then Red Wing’s Iron Ranger is the BEST Option for you.

It’s not as comfortable or as easy to climb in as a Wesco or Ariat but with Red Wing Iron Ranger, You won’t have to buy another pair of boots for 3 or 4 years, and possibly even longer…

Iron Ranger’s are one of Red Wing’s best selling boots of all time…

They were originally designed for miners who need a very strong, & durable, pair of work boots…

This boot would a great choice for power linemen and it’s excellent for a Macho Man who does Manly things like killing a bear with his bare hands…

Or for a Man who just does a lot of yard work when at home or who enjoys a great, american hand-made, boot or for someone who is an outdoors kind of Man… #CheersToMasculinity

I put these at #3 because they are a great all-around boot, high quality, and very durable, but they’re not quite as good as Ariat’s are, specifically for powerline work…

However, they are mid-range priced, which makes them one hell of a deal…

And while they’re not designed for powerline boots, and not quite as good as Ariat, they’re still an exceptional boot for power lineman and the proof lies within the reviews that this boot has been given by previous customers who are experienced power lineman!

These boots would also be a great option for grunts and ground hands or just general labor work…

Note: Red Wing boots tend to be about 1/2 size larger than your normal foot size so consider that before ordering…

Red Wing’s Iron Ranger are the Most Durable Boots:

If you’re looking to only buy a pair of boots once every 3 or 4 years…

Then these are the best lineman boots for you. The Price Ranges from $220 to $350, so they’re about the same as Ariat…

I’d say Red Wing’s Iron Ranger Boots are the best all-around, Mid-Priced, Boots available today!


  • American, Hand-Made Boots
  • Most Durable Lineman Boots
  • Steel Shank
  • Has Alot Of Room For Toes (Very Spacious And Flexible)
  • Cap Toe Boot
  • Great Option For Power Linemen
  • Slip Resistant
  • Highly Rated By Previous Power Lineman Customers
  • Versatile
  • Handsome & Manly Boot
  • Very Reliable
  • 4.6 Overall Star Rating


  • Needs Lots Of Oiling To Break In And Make Them Comfortable
  • They Come A Little Bit Larger Than The Foot Size You Would Normally Wear


  • Made In America, Nitrile Cork Sole, Leather Material
  • Bump Toe For More Room, Double Layer Leather Toe Cap & Leather Heel Pocket
  • Goodyear Welt Construction, Triple Stitched Quality
  • Shaft Measures Approximately 6″ From Arch
  • Oil Resistant & Somewhat Water Resistant

4. La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering – BEST Lineman Boots For Comfort

La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering - BEST Lineman Boots For Comfort

Wesco is the king this year for CATV Lineman boots! Meanwhile Ariat & Red Wing take the titles for best power lineman boots… BUT….

You CANNOT, I repeat… CANNNNNOT go wrong with a pair of La Sportiva’s Makalu Mountaineering Hiking Boots!

La Sportiva has (in recent years) become a favorite among Power & CATV Linemen alike….

The reason why is because of it’s unbelievable comfort and support when climbing in them…

Most previous customers compare climbing in these lineman boots with walking on clouds!

They aren’t the most durable pair of boots in the world but they’re definitely up there with Wesco and Ariat for comfort while climbing!

The BEST thing about these is that they’re more than $200 cheaper than Wesco boots… So this may just be the best option for you!

Unfortunately they aren’t waterproof and they don’t last much longer than about a year but they are slip resistant like you wouldn’t believe and they have a full steel shank!


  • Great Option For Power Linemen & CATV Linemen
  • One Of The MOST Comfortable Work Boots Available
  • 4.3 Star Rating With 75+ Reviews
  • INCREDIBLE To Climb In
  • Tons Of Support And Traction For Pole & Steel Tower Climbing
  • Full Steel Shank For Use With Or Without Crampon
  • Protective Vibram Rand
  • 100% Leather & Very Well Made


  • Lasts About A Year For Lineman Work
  • Not Waterproof


  • MtnFlex Insole
  • Full Steel Shank For Automatic Crampon Compatibility
  • Idro-Perwanger Leather
  • Steel Roller Ball Eyelets And Locking D-Rings For Effortless And Precise Tensioning Of Boot Laces
  • Lining Transports
  • SBR Aircushion Midsole Features A Honeycomb Heel Grid That Flexes On Impact To Provide The Ultimate Comfort

5. Georgia Loggers – Best Cheap Lineman Boots

Georgia Loggers - Best Cheap Lineman Boots

This is one of the cheapest boots on the list because I know not everyone can afford the first 3 boot options…

So I made sure to find some boots that are pretty decent and cheaper than the first offers. Georgia Loggers have rubber soles, they’re made of leather and they are made in and imported from the Dominican republic…

When it comes to work boots… You get what you pay for, but, these boots are the best cheap lineman boots you can buy.

The Rubber Soles are abrasion resistant for about a year and the makers of Georgia claims their boots last for about a year….

But for a lineman? you’ll probably be buying a new pair of these suckers or any other cheap boot every year… and that’ll be quite expensive in the long run!

If you don’t have $220 – $500 to spend on some of the best quality lineman climbing boots then… Georgia is your next best option and the price range is between about 100 bucks to 200 bucks, give or take…

Georgia Loggers are the Best Lineman Boots for the Money:

You can’t beat Georgia Loggers for the money. Of course they are NOWHERE NEAR as good as Wesco or Ariat…. But if you don’t have much more than $200 to invest into high-quality working boots, then Georgia Loggers are the Boots for You!


  • Made Of Leather
  • Price Range Is Much More Affordable ($100 – $200)
  • Water Resistant For 6 Months
  • Steel Toe & Steel Shank
  • (Georgia Loggers Have A 4.3 Star Rating Online)
  • Should Last You Close To A Year


  • Doesn’t Last Much Longer Than A Year, If That…
  • Not As Comfortable Or As Easy To Climb In As First 3 Options Are


  • Rubber Sole
  • Leather
  • Waterproof Work Boot
  • Protective Steel Toe And Lace-Up Closure
  • Solid Stud Hooks & Eyelets Set On Steel Washers – Will Not Pull Out
  • Rear Pull Loop
  • Steel Shank

Which Boots are Best For You?

If You are a… CATV Lineman who will be climbing poles and can afford the best quality boots that money can offer then You should get the Wesco’s or La Sportiva’s

If You are a… Power Lineman climbing steel towers then You should consider the Ariat’s or Red Wing Boots most but also consider La Sportiva’s too…

Can’t afford anything over $200? Then consider the Georgia Boots as they are the best cheap boots for pole climbers and ground workers…

Of course there are many more lineman boots options available…

How To Take Care Of Your Boots So They Last Longer

Nothing will destroy your boots faster than repeated exposure to drying mud…

Also, boots left outside in the sunlight or rain will get ruined pretty quick too…

First Make sure to always bring your boots inside and wash them off if they have mud on them…

Next you’ll want to take a hair dryer and dry them out but don’t get it too close, keep it at a decent distance or use a towel or put them next to a heater or a wood stove or invest in a boot dryer…

After your boots have dried, you’ll want to wax them with boot wax that has bees wax in it because that will re-oil the boots naturally, keep them shiney, re-strengthen the leather to make it last longer, and it’ll also waterproof the boot…

I personally recommend using the brand called “Otter Wax” the most….

Never ever put bleach or any detergent on boots or put them in a washing machine…

People have actually done that and….. I’m not sure you should own boots or be a lineman if you have actually tried washing boots in a washing machine before!

How to Increase The Comfort of Your Boots with These Tips:

If you’re working in a cold climate then I’d suggest buying Heat Trapping, Insulated, Thermal Socks to wear with your boots to keep your feet cozy and warm while working all day…

Your feet and head releases the most temperature of any body parts… So it’s vital to keep your feet and head warm or else you could risk getting a head cold, flu, or some other health issue.

The immune system is slowed more and more as body temperature drops which is why it’s imperative to stay warm while working all day or else you’ll be more susceptible to getting ill…

If your Boots are a bit too big… or too wide… Maybe consider stuffing them with Pain Relief Insoles to make them more comfortable and to fill up space… Timberland Pro, Anti-Fatigue Insoles are what I recommend most.

How to Break Your Boots In Faster & Get Maximum Comfort:

Breaking Boots in can take up to about a month if they’re really high quality, durable boots! But you won’t want to work in unbroken in boots for a whole month… That’d be uncomfortable…

So here’s a secret tip from my father who was a lineman for 40 years…

The best way linemen break in their boots quickly is to use Fiebing’s Golden Mink Oil on your boots daily.Each morning before work or at night after work, apply the oil after you’ve clean your boots and dried them!

What will it do for your boots? It’ll condition them (Break them in) fast, make them more waterproof, it will prevent the leather in your boots from drying out, and it’ll preserve your boots strength and durability longer while also making them softer and easier to work in!

How to Properly Lace Your Boots for the Most Comfort & Support:

Like the Wesco Boots in the image above…

You want to lace your boots from the outside, in… Meaning…

You want to take the string and put it through the hole from the outside instead of putting the string through the hole from the inside.

Why? Because when it’s completely laced and you have your strings tied…

If they are laced from the outside to the inside, then it’ll tighten the boot around your leg properly and support your ankle, feet, and legs better…

If you do it wrong, inside to the outside…

It’ll tighten sloppy, and the boots won’t be at their absolutely best possible comfort and support!


Cheap lineman Boots will give you Cheap Performance and Results…

They will fall apart within 1 – 6 months or maybe even in weeks depending on how much work you do, and how hard you use them.

High Quality Lineman Boots are what I would recommend everyone get, because, they have safety features, they last longer, and they’re by far more comfortable to work in, which makes the job easier…

But not everyone can afford them and if thats you then go for a cheap boot to start with and save up some money to invest in the higher end boots later in your career because there is a massive difference…