Best Makeup Tips by Popular Makeup Artists

Still confused and lost as to how all those foundations and concealers and brushes all come together? It may sound like big deal getting puzzled every time you take out your vanity kit to start painting on your face but you shouldn’t be overly concerned. “Really?

Yes, really, dearie! More people, including supermodels, the most stylish celebs, and even learned makeup artists, are confused by makeup. The beauty about cosmetics, arguably the best skin care products for women, Mario Dedivanovic, says, is that it should be worn however way you want it.

Easy On The Colors

What Mario is saying is that makeup can be used in many ways, so use in the best way you think is feasible. In reality though, it’s not quite as easy for ordinary women, like us, to go figure out how to use a bronzer or a highlighter as we go along. Heck, I can’t even tell the difference between a contouring powder and a foundation anymore if I don’t read the labels! — and I’m sure I am not alone.

So, what better way to learn the best makeup tips than from the top celebrity makeup artists themselves? All eyes and ears everyone, put aside your vanity kit because this is the time to tune in and be in the know.

#1. Charlotte Tilbury.

She does not just happen to be the favorite makeup artist of the stars. She has launched a critically acclaimed and publicly embraced brand of beauty products named after herself. The brand just happens to keep bagging beauty awards around the world.

Best makeup tips

What does she have to say about putting on makeup? It should always start with perfecting your canvass. To do so, she says, does not always require cosmetics rather, you should flood your skin with moisture to plump it up, hydrate it and make it dewy and healthy looking. She says to pay more attention to the under eyes. Try an eye cream. Perhaps an Illumaneau will work wonders for skin around your eyes. Only then should you start putting on your concealers and foundations.

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2. Patrick Ta.

The favorite of today’s hottest young celebrities, including Shay Mitchell and up and coming supermodel, Gigi Hadid, Patrick advocates to start your makeup routine by exfoliating. By so doing, you are clearing up the surface of your skin from dead skin and debris that can get in the way of better incorporating makeup and your skin.

3. Mario Dedivanovic.

He is credited for the long and detailed makeup routine of starlet and socialite, Kim Kardashian. Among the many things makeup that he is known for is his recommended routine for perfecting the eyebrows, one of many Kim K makeup routines she has been famed for.

Makeup routine of Kim Kardashian

Mario recommends to create a gradient to color and flatter the eyebrows but also make it look as natural as can possibly be. Always start by coloring the middle part of your eyebrow, he says, using the darker shade and drawing an extension to the outer corner of your eyebrows. Then use excess product to color from the middle to the inner side of your eyebrows. Use the lighter shade to define the inner portion.

4. Sir John B.

One of the most popular makeup artist, credited for Beyoncé’s unfailingly flawless looks from red carpets to MTVs has one very practical recommendation when it comes to make up: be selective of the products that you are using. What many people tend to do is to just shop for the best skin care products for women but not exactly examining if these are compatible with the prevailing weather.

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5. Pat McGrath.

Another high fashion and magazine covers’ favorite, Pat has a simple tip to wake up your pale, lifeless skin after a night without sleep. She recommends putting on coverage that illuminates back light. From the foundation to your under eyes, light shining back on the onlooker will make your skin appear as if you didn’t miss out on your beauty rest at all.

Cosmetics can work just fine but to play up the effect some more, intensively flood your skin with moisture from a product like Illumaneau. If you can find time to put on a 15-minute mask treatment, so much the better.

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It’s nice to have natural skin and alright to have all the flaws in it. Still, some occasions just call for perfection, and since makeup is available, why hesitate? Go for it!


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