best-muscle-building-foodsThis is a collection of the best muscle building foods, diet for muscle growth. It’s more than 3 years now that I go to the gym 4 times per week, so I have experienced myself the best way to build muscles. There are 3 things that are at the base of growing muscles, these are: Rest, Training and Food.

In this article, we will talk about the various foods that I am used to eat and that allowed me to build my muscles. I eat them regularly, every day I have a combination of different foods in order to get not only the right quantity of proteins, but also vitamins and all the other useful substances needed by our body.

#1. The Meaning of Building Muscles


Everyone of us wants a beautiful body, with big and defined muscles, like the old gods statues in the ancient Rome or Greece. To have such a body means that we are healthy and strong, it could be useful in our daily activities  and it could help us to find love, girls love muscles!

A boy with a wonderful body is always surrounded by beautiful girls, of course there is a lot more than the physical aspect, but it’s having big and defined muscles means a lot in these matters.

So what do we really need to build our muscles? the answer is simple: PROTEINS. But where can we find proteins? best muscle building foods? in what quantities? are these proteins really valuable? This is what I’ll explain here.

#2. Where Can We Find Proteins?

Almost every food contains proteins, of course the quantities are different from a food to another, the major part of foods full of proteins comes directly from animals.

Eggs, meat, milk, fish are the foods with the highest quantity of proteins per 100g. Of course these foods contains also a lot of other useful substances that we need to grow strong and to maintain our body active.

All these foods contains also fat, animal fat is not so good for our health, so the best match is high quantity of proteins with a low quantity of fats.

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The proteins contained in the food are not always as good as we think, there is the biological value that we have to see first. What is the biological value? it’s simple, it’s the quantity of proteins that we can absorb from a kind of food. some foods like eggs have only valuable proteins as it’s biological value is 100:

Here some biological values of food:

  • Egg = 100
  • Milk = 90
  • Beef = 85
  • Tuna = 83
  • Beans= 73
  • Bread = 56

These are the most common food that we eat, and the best muscle building foods for growth of muscle mass.

#3. Meat


Meat is one of the best muscle building foods, and my favorite, food where we can find valuable proteins, the meat that we usually eat is not more the muscles, previously owned by animals now are in our dish, ready to be absorbed and become our muscles.

The best meat where you can find proteins is beef. It’s red meat so it’s not so healthy, but it’s delicious and really valuable.

Usually body builders prefer to use other meats like chicken or turkey, rich of proteins, with a lot less fat than pork or beef. The best way to cook meat is on the plate, with no seasoning or spices.

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I’m used to eat about 100 grams of meat every day, for lunch or dinner, my favorite is beef but as I said before, it’s better to eat chicken or turkey.

Proteins per 100g of meat:

  • Beef = 26g
  • Turkey = 24g
  • Chicken = 22g
  • Veal = 21g
  • Pork = 20g
  • Horse = 18g

These are the average quantities of proteins in 100 grams of the pieces with the less quantity of fat.

#4. Fish! So Delicious and Precious!


Fish! Fish is so full of good proteins, really, especially tuna.

The slices of fish in this picture are the most common in the Japanese restaurant, as a Japanese cuisine lover, i know them very much.

My favorite is salmon, it’s very good for our health, but if you want to build your muscles and define them, it’s better to avoid it and focus on the tuna. Salmon is rich of fat, it contains a huge quantity of fat, it’s healthy because rich of omega-3, but eating too much of it could lead to gain fat.

These are the average quantities of proteins per 100g of the most common fishes:

  • Tuna = 22g
  • Salmon = 20g
  • Swordfish = 17g
  • Codfish = 17g
  • Shrimp = 16g
  • Calamari = 12,5g

These are the most common fish that we can find almost everywhere, fish is better if consumed raw, everything depends on the laws of your country because raw fish can contain the dangerous “anisakis” larvae, that can grow a dangerous tapeworm with painful hooks that can literally rip your intestines. Here in Europe all the fish is put in the refrigerator at -20 for 24 hours in order to kill all the possible larvae inside the fish.

#5. Eggs, Perfect for Bodybuilding!


My second favorite and one of the best muscle building foods, common among bodybuilders. Eggs have the best biological value, that means that all the proteins contained in it will be perfectly absorbed by our body. Half of it’s proteins are contained in the yolk, the other half in the albumen, the problem of egg is the cholesterol contained in the yolk, it’s the bad cholesterol and it’s concentrated in it. So for people that want to build their muscles but avoid to rise the quantity of cholesterol inside their blood, it is better to avoid the yolk.

The best way to eat eggs is to drink them, simply break the eggs, separate the yolk and put the albumens in a glass, simply drink it, raw. It’s not so tasty, but it’s fast and it’s the best way to assume them.

The average quantity of proteins contained in a medium size egg (65g) is 6,6-6,7 grams. As I said, half in the yolk and half in the albumen.

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#6. Milk, Good or Bad?


Milk! Milk contains a lot of proteins, but it is not the only thing contained in it, there are also a lot of animal fats, so bad for our health.

As you can see at the supermarket there are different kind of milk, whole milk, semi-skimmed milk, and skimmed milk. The whole milk is the one that contains the highest quantity of fats, it’s my favorite, so tasty, but not so good for our health.

The best milk for people that want to build muscles is the skimmed milk, this milk contains almost no fats because they were removed, but all the proteins are intact inside it.

The average quantity of proteins contained in 100ml of milk are 3,2-3,5g so a glass of milk is about 6,5 – 7g of proteins.

So, these are the best muscle building foods that has helped me to grow my muscles fast, without gaining fat. What are your favorite muscle building foods? Please share it with us. We would love to hear from you.