Best Ways To Improve Your Smile

Everybody wishes that they could have the perfect smile. It gives off a great first impression. Just as the opposite happens if you have a terrible smile. A bad smile can give off a bad first impression and leave you with low self esteem. If you have been afraid to smile for a while since it doesn’t look nice, then you need to look into ways to improve your smile.

There are many cosmetic procedures for your teeth that can improve your smile, but there are also plenty of things you can be doing at home to make your smile more attractive before you opt for cosmetic dentistry treatments.

In this article, we will go over several of the things you should look into when it comes to improving your teeth for a much nicer smile.

1. Get them whitened

If you are a smoker or drink a lot of black coffee then your teeth are likely starting to yellow. This can make your smile look less than ideal. Luckily, there are a lot of whitening products that can improve the color of your teeth.

You should start out with a whitening toothpaste and see how that works for you first. Give it some time as they don’t work overnight. If it doesn’t show much improvement then you’ll need to try some other whitening products. There are gel pens if you have small areas that are yellow.

For an overall whitening, strips are a good way to go as they can be put in while you go about your day. For really yellow teeth, or if you want faster results, you can go for a  laser treatment at your local dentist. This is the most expensive option but the most effective for those with severely yellow teeth.

2. Braces

Crooked teeth are something many people get embarrassed about and cause them to not want to smile much. It also leads to low self esteem and can cause depression and antisocial behavior. Getting braces is the best way to get your teeth straightened out for a much nicer smile.

They are also going to improve your overall dental health because crooked teeth can lead to more cavities and infections since they tend to crowd each other and are harder to clean.

You can get braces at any age so it is never too late to get them and improve your smile.

3. Crowns & veneers

Damaged or discolored teeth that can’t be whitened can simply be covered up. There are products called crowns that go over your tooth and give it a more natural appearance and even protection.

Usually a tooth that is discolored is not only unpleasant to look at, but it is unhealthy and weak. A crown will strengthen it and keep it from breaking.

A veneer is similar to a crown in that it is a cover that goes over the teeth. In this case, it is a thin layer that is attached to the enamel of the front of the tooth.