Bo Jackson Shoes - Why Are They So Much Popular

The most well-known Bo Jackson shoe is the Nike Air Trainer SC 3 in the Auburn colorway. There are, however, four other Nike models that are part of the Bo Jackson shoes “line.”

Do you know if Bo Jackson has his own shoe?

Unlike Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson has no sneakers named after Bo Jackson. Unlike Michael Jordan, he doesn’t have a shoe named after him. However, Bo Jackson’s Nike Air Trainer SC, Air Trainer SC 2, Air Trainer SC 3, and Air Trainer Max ’91 can all be known as his signature sneakers.

Bo was awarded the Nike endorsement for playing Baseball and Football in his professional sporting career from 1986 until 1990. It is the Nike Air Trainer SC line. It is designed to have the same versatility as Bo himself.

The Nike models most commonly associated with Bo were released between 1988 and 1991. The advertising campaign is recognized for the catchy slogan “Bo Knows” which was used in various advertisements for Nike’s Air Trainer.

Nike Air Trainer SC

The first “official” Bo Jackson Shoe

Bo was wearing his first Air Trainer 1, a shoe originally connected to tennis legend John McEnroe. Bo’s “Medicine Ball” version from the Air Trainer 3 is the first “official” Bo Jackson shoes. The sneaker was released in 1988.

Air Trainer 1 Air Trainer 1 is designed by Tinker Hatfield to be sneakers worn on the court and at the fitness center. Air Trainer SC (or Air Trainer SC (or Air Trainer 3) is an extension of that. The model has eyelets made of plastic and a forefoot strap. Furthermore, the Air unit can now be seen in the heel.

Medicine ball is a regular training essential for Bo, which is why it inspired the color scheme and nickname.

Nike Air Trainer SC 2

Technically not a Bo Jackson shoe

The next step after that of the Air Trainer 3 is SC 2. It was not technically considered a “Bo Jackson style”; however, he’s associated with sneakers.

This Bo Jackson shoe is based on the same principles as the earlier versions in this line. The goal is to allow you to practice and train in the gym before stepping out to play an actual game without changing your shoes. The same is associated with Bo Jackson continuing to play baseball and Football and requiring a multi-purpose sneaker that can serve various purposes.

Neoprene was used in numerous models made by Nike during the period, but the new version features a redesigned bootie to ensure an incredibly comfortable fit. Also, the strap can be removed and put higher up on foot than in the previous version.

The volt colorway is the one I owned back in the day; however, I’m no longer with the pair. The OG colors most people know are Citron or Infrared.

Nike Air Trainer SC 3

The most famous Bo Jackson Shoes

According to some, the Auburn colorway of the Nike Air Trainer SC High (or SC 3) is the most well-known Bo Jackson shoes. The sneaker was released in the year 1990.

This was the final model in the SC line, and it swapped the obvious straps and replaced them with straps that were more tightly connected to the eyelets and upper. Additionally, we also get a larger cut in this.

They get the Auburn name from the colors used on the football uniforms of Bo Jackson’s college team, the Auburn Tigers. There’s also an alternate Auburn colorway. I’ve likely seen more diverse SC High colorways than any other model that I’ve seen.

The sneaker has been released several times, and I’ve had a pair of retros from the past. This is one of the colors I plan to add to my collection shortly. I’m sure that we’ll keep seeing retros of Bo Jackson shoes. Bo Jackson line, and I’ve noticed more releases in the Auburn SC Highs than any other.

Nike Air Trainer Max ’91

Last real Bo Jackson sneaker

After completing the SC line, we will get the final sneaker closely linked to Bo Jackson, The Air Trainer Max. The sneaker came out in 1991, so future retros will include “91” in the title.

The straps of this shoe were brought in the past from Bo Jackson trainers but added Nike branding and changed them to nylon rather than rubbery plastic. The ankle is slightly similar to its counterpart in hoops and basketball, Air Jordan 7.

I owned another sneaker a retro earlier at the beginning of my collection journey. The material was not the best for that retro. The sneaker was also a difficult shoe to move in the era. These days retros of these sneakers command the highest resale value! It’s hilarious how that plays out in some cases.

In any event, I’m excited and eagerly awaiting another retro to give me another chance to own an item. The next retros will offer more quality and better design than I’ve previously had.

What’s The Quality Like On Most Pieces Of Bo Jackson’s Nikes?

Most models made Air Trainer retros haven’t been of the highest design or quality.

This is interesting because Bo Jackson’s legacy has high quality in many areas. In case of Bo Jackson, he has a variety of professional sports. More focus on quality in materials and comfort for his shoes will create a great vintage release on any model from the range.

With the recent trend in Nike’s “remastering” pair of shoes and also releasing recrafted versions of the same items, I’m hoping that we see more premium versions of Bo’s footwear, however, with a contemporary and comfortable design. Time will tell whether Nike can retro these and have a similar design to their predecessors but with better materials and comfort. The brand is sloppy in the case of Air Trainer retros, with the exception of certain variations from that Medicine Ball colorway.

If Nike could improve the quality by introducing supple suedes, and soft and flexible leathers to the uppers, it would be more comfortable. I hope this is the case when it comes to updating and releasing models that are typically “stiff” feel models for feet.