When you want to build muscle and gain weight quickly, simple whey protein formulas are not going to do the job. You need a supplement specifically formulated to produce rapid weight gain.

The Body Fortress Super Mass Gainer is a competitively priced supplement that aims to help you achieve exactly that sort of result. It is a potent cocktail of whey protein, amino acids and muscle building glycogen carbs. On paper that looks like a lot of muscle fuel, but let’s see if it can produce real world results.

Introduction and Ingredients

We are looking at the chocolate flavored 2.25 pounds canister of Body Fortress Super Mass Gainer. A serving size is measured at 4 scoops, or 170g. The total protein content of a serving is 47g, with the total carbohydrate content adding up to 98g.

We’re a little concerned about 83g of those carbohydrates being sugar (fructose). Let’s just say not all the weight you’re going to gain here will be muscle. Each serving will also give you a hefty 95mg of cholesterol.

There’s a variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as 18 essential and non-essential amino acids. You’ll pack in a whopping 630 calories per serving. To finish it all off you get 7g of dietary fiber and 10g of BCAAs, which is quite a nice touch.

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Mixing and Drinking

The company recommends you mix the powder with 2% low fat milk, which is a good way to do it. Taste is always very subjective, some people hate it and some think it’s the best tasting powder they’ve ever tasted.

This is pretty much why we ignore taste as a deciding factor on these supplements. Overall the Super Mass Gainer has a nice chocolate flavor and is quite pleasant to drink, but it is very sweet.

The powder mixes fairly easily, but may clot up if you try to mix all 4 scoops at once. Blend them one or two at a time. If you have a blender it’s not a problem, but you may want to use a decent shaker at the very least.

You should be careful about taking the full 4 scoop serving in one go. Some people have complained about indigestion when doing this, so if you run into trouble consider splitting it into 2 scoops in the morning and again later in the day. You can also reduce it to 3 scoops or less, whatever works for you.

Definitely don’t take 4 scoops before a workout as it will sit pretty heavily in your stomach. This supplement is best taken after a workout when your body will crave the proteins and carbs.



People get decent results with this product and show fairly rapid weight gains. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t. For the muscle builders there are plenty of proteins, while the high carb content will help those who simply want the weight without the muscle. Here are a few results from people who have actively used the product:

“Its hard for me to gain weight. Im 6’7, I changed all my eatings habits. I went from 155 to 178 before I started using this. I was stuck at 178 with eating 4-5 huge meals a day. Im now up to 185. Im now ordering two more tubs because I go through them so fast.” Xhale760,

“I am a 20 year old female 5’6 tall and i’ve always been so skinny weighing at 110 pounds. I wanted to gain about 15 pounds quick and this protein shake does the job. I’ve gained 4 pounds in almost 2 weeks, but I have also been eating more calories in my diet.” Diana,


As expected at this price point, you won’t find hundreds of rave reviews for the Body Fortress Super Mass Gainer. It is a budget product. However, most users are quite happy that they’re getting value for their money and satisfactory results. Here are some notes from verified purchasers of the product:

“Does what its supposed to do. The taste leaves a bit to be desired. Other than that its wonderful. Body Fortress is a great quality supplement company.” Daniel,

“Really good weight gainer. Taste really well and thick. Has a lot of sugar but gets the job done. Wish there were more servings per bottle though.” Stephen,


You only get 6 servings per bottle at 4 scoops a serving, so keep that in mind when buying. Price wise it still works out more competitively than most. There is a lot of sugar in this product so you can expect to put on some fat.

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The Body Fortress Super Mass Gainer is a decent weight gaining product. It can be used for muscle and weight gain in conjunction with a muscle building workout, or you can simply use it to gain some simple weight if you’re struggling to do so purely through diet alone, or if you’ve hit a plateau that you need to push past.

You may wish to take it easy and not take the full 4 scoops right from the word go, just to see how your system handles it. Overall, this is a mass gainer that produces good results at an affordable price.


  • Price
  • It works
  • Lots of carbs
  • Dietary fiber
  • BCAAs
  • Taste


  • Bloating
  • High sugar content
  • High cholesterol content