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Your metabolism is an important factor when you are trying to burn fat either you are obsessed or just having a desire to maintain a smart physique.

In both cases, you must have your metabolism work at a good rate or you can never lose weight as your body is taking more than it burns and at the end of the day, you probably will feel dishearten looking at your fatty body.

Science shows that the human body has a progressively slower metabolism when it grows old but still there are so many researches going on and the good news is that experts have found many ways to boost up your metabolism to burn fat more efficiently and easily.

I have come up with some research results and suggestions from experts to make it easy for your metabolism to work efficiently. To me, it looks easy to boost up your fat burning process if you adopt a few simple techniques.

Start skipping your over calorie cutting NOW!

Yes, you have heard right! It is a good idea to keep an eye on your calorie intake as it helps you to monitor your diet and its effects but as an old proverb says, an excess of everything is bad, so over-doing it may harm your body and metabolism.

HOW? I have seen so many people who skip their meals completely, especially breakfast. Researchers who are finding new ways to improve metabolism have completely forbidden this practice, they say a less energetic body has a negative impact on your metabolism and it disturbs the whole cycle.

When you eat less food than your body’s demand, it will throw the brake on your metabolism and its functioning will become slow. Keep your body full of protein and your metabolism will work exactly as it should be.

Never skip your breakfast as it is the first and foremost thing to provide you energy.

If you do not feel like having anything early morning, take a bowl of yogurt or an oatmeal cereal with a handful of nuts with it. Nuts are full of protein and oatmeal is a great source of energy to keep your body active for all day long.

1. Coffee is a Natural Booster for Your Metabolism

A good news for Coffee lovers! Coffee is really good to keep your metabolism working fine. HOW? Coffee stimulates the central nervous system which sometimes, around the middle of a day starts making you stressed and exhausted.

This process makes your metabolism working slowly and the fat burning ratio is approx. 5-8% lesser than usual. Drinking a cup of coffee or brewed tea can make you fresh and your metabolism working 12% more efficiently than usual so if you want to burn your fats, drink coffee.

2. Fiber is a Great Fat Killer

Another study showed the result that people who consume fibrous foods are less obsessed than others. Means that fiber can be a great fighter for fat in your body. Fruits and vegetable which are taken without cooking or frying are full of fiber.

Fibrous food is digested more quickly than that which contains fats.

3. Iron-Rich Food Is Suggested

Iron is a great source of energy which keeps your body away from any sort of weaknesses and your metabolism working fine. As I have mentioned before that lesser energy means a slower metabolism.

Researches show that women need to take food which is rich in iron as they lose iron during menstrual period every month so they should take all those vegetable and food which are a rich source of iron like spinach, shell fish, lean meat, and beans.

4. Calcium Is Also Good for Metabolism

Some studies show that women are likely to be fatter than men because often females are having calcium deficiencies. There can be several reasons like some girls would not take milk or yogurt and some others are lactating moms so there is an obvious calcium deficiency in their bodies.

It is not a good sign for your metabolism. Females are suggested to take rich in calcium foods like milk and yogurt to keep their calcium level maintained so that their fat burning process might get a start.

Personally, I don’t recommend just plain milk, but yogurt can be a good food to consume energy without adding extra fats to your meals.

5. Eat Quality Protein

Protein is also a great source of energy and anyone who want to help his metabolism working at a good ratio, should take everything that can provide a good amount of protein.

As I have mentioned before that skipping a meal is generally not a good idea to lose weight as it can have adverse effects so please go for an egg and bread instead of taking low-calorie, fat-free boring breakfast.

You will feel a positive change over all of the work you do in your daily routine.

Now as I have listed a few things that can speed up your metabolism, just go through it again and try to sort out the main idea which lays behind all that. How to control your weight when you are taking all that iron, proteins and fats?

The answer to your question is that instead of cutting down all these things from your meal and making your body weak and lean, just try to provide enough strength to your metabolism (without consuming extra, extra calories) to burn all that fat easily.

You can ask that why taking it that way when we can skip eating directly?

And the answer is you have to avoid the brake which a weak body throws over your metabolism and you are not able to get rid of all that fat which you are packing for your 50’s.

It’s all about the natural phenomenon of the human body that it works when it is ready and prepared to work if you will try to impose your own rules and snatch the genuine rights from your body to keep its functions maintain, you cannot survive and have a happy and healthy life.


  1. Also, like you mention, i firmly believe metabolism plays a big part. Understand your body metabolism and do practice several daily habits to speed it up, helping out the loss of unwanted weight. Routines like drinking more water, drinking tea, eating every 3 hours, NOT STARVING etc… Cook the food that helps you.
    Cheers and press on ;D

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