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Moms, dads, teens, all sort of age-groups want to retain (or regain) that youthful look, understandably. Many of us turn to Botox treatments to look younger – and for a great reason, too! The non-invasive procedure isn’t surgical and is done right in the doctor’s office in just a few minutes!

Its an injection made of a purified toxin that is produced by bacterium Clostridium botulinum (that’s a mouthful). Overactive muscles create lines in the face. Doctors use a very low dosage of the purified toxin in a tiny needle, and they go directly into the muscles that are overactive and reduce the lines anywhere on the face.

Botox and its benefits!

The creases and wrinkles are kept from forming when the botulinum toxin blocks the nerve impulses. Each area where the doctor puts an injection will keep the nerve impulses from being transmitted. The FDA has now approved Botox. The Glabellar lines that are the wrinkles between the brows are softened. The toxin is also used for crow’s feet around the eyes, the neckline and forehead wrinkles.

Individuals get frown lines from the clustering of the skin on the forehead. The muscles contractions can cause deep frown line folds that look like furrows. The furrows make a person look like they are frustrated or angry all the time. The toxin can take care of the lines and help make a person look younger by filling in the area.

Injections for Men

Men are also concerned about the line around their eyes, between their brows and on their forehead. Botox injections Evansville Indiana make men look younger and no one is the wiser that they have had injections. Botox helps maintain a man’s feeling of masculinity by softening their facial lines and giving them back their confidence.

Areas of Treatment and Units Required

The eyebrow frown lines usually take between 10-35 units. The wrinkles that fan out from the outer corners of the eyes are called crow’s feet and they would need between 10-50 units. When individuals raise their eyebrows, they form deep furrows on the forehead. These furrows will take about 10-35 units of botulinum. The bridge of the nose can create horizontal lines known as the bunny line. These lines would take between 4-8 units. The upper lip usually would need between 4-8 units and the chin would take around 10 units to reduce the dimple or pitting that is in the chin.

Botulinum toxin is also used for conditions like excessive sweating, contracted muscles, lazy eye, and hyperhidrosis.

How Botox Works and Side Effects

The toxin counteracts the signals so that the nerve cells do not reach the muscles. This leaves the muscles without any guidelines to make a contract. The small amount of toxin leaves the area paralyzed for a few months. Without a contract, the wrinkles and frown lines are softened and less prominent. In order for muscles to contract, the nerves in the face release neurotransmitters where the muscle cells and nerve endings meet. The neurotransmitters are prevented from being released by the Botulinum toxin.

The patient may continue their normal activities immediately after the procedure. The maximum benefit of the injections will be seen in two weeks, but the patient will notice a difference within the first seven days. Depending on the area that has been treated, results should last anywhere between three to four months.

There are basically no side effects to the injections. Some people, however, do experience some minor bruising at the site of the injection. The bruising will disappear in a day or so. Redness or swelling may also occur but will also go away in a couple of days. Flu-like symptoms or a mild headache may also occur. Patients find that these symptoms go away fast and are well worth their new and brighter appearance.

Having Botulinum toxin injections are considered to be very safe. Some may experience mild nausea and some numbness. In rare cases, if the toxin spreads patients may also experience some difficulty swallowing or speaking.

Ideal Candidates for Botox

Men and women of all ages are able to take advantage of the injections. They usually want to address the wrinkles around their mouths, crow’s feet and deep frown lines. There is no special age that is perfect for the injections, but younger men and women have found that by getting the injections earlier in life has helped delay the beginning of wrinkles and furrows.

Combination of Treatments

Patients need to tell the doctor of any other botulinum toxin injections that they may have had within the prior four months. If the patient is on blood thinners, they will need to be stopped a couple of days before the injections. Blood thinners may cause the patient to bleed too much or bruise easier.

Your doctor may also suggest a combination of other injectable treatments. They may include Voluma, Restylane, Artefill, Radiesse or Juvederm. These other injections take care of sunken areas of the cheeks, fill deep nasolabial folds, fill in under the eyes and plump up the lips. These procedures may be performed at the same time.

Discuss this with Naples’ very own, Dr. Agarwal, and he will be able to advise you on the best procedures to follow.

Dr. Anurag Agarwal 

Dr. Anurag Agarwal of Aesthetic Surgery Center will determine exactly where the Botox should be placed. No anesthesia will be used, but Dr. Agarwal will apply a small amount of topical anesthetic cream and ice to the areas that are going to be injected. This will give the patient some comfort. The injection sites need to be iced before and after the injections. This will help in the swelling and cut down on any bruising. The whole procedure will only take about ten minutes. Dr. Agarwal will determine the number of units to be used as to the size and depths of the furrows or wrinkles the patient has.

Dr. Anurag Agarwal is a plastic surgeon board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He performs cosmetic procedures like Botox injections in Naples, FL. You can learn more about Dr. Agarwal by calling the Aesthetic Surgery Center at (239) 594-9100