Brilliant Earth Review - Are They Competitive

Brilliant Earth fine jewelers offer beyond conflict-free diamonds, as well as a wide assortment of other gemstones and precious metals jewelry. Customers are attracted to Brilliant Earth for several reasons. To answer whether they are competitive, you first need to know what makes Brilliant Earth different from other online jewelers.

Quality of the Jewelry

Brilliant Earth sells jewelry consumers can feel good about wearing, but how does their jewelry’s quality compare to that of other fine jewelers? Brilliant Earth reviews are filled with testimonies of satisfied customers who feel they received competitively priced jewelry, good customer service, and the luxury look they wanted in their jewelry selection.

The idea of buying jewelry online can seem a bit intimidating. Brilliant Earth makes the process simple and provides a way for customers to design their own engagement rings. Brilliant Earth also has brick and mortar stores available in nine different cities in the United States. Customers can order online or visit showrooms in:

  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • Denver
  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Philadelphia
  • Boston

The showrooms are an excellent alternative for those who need to see the jewelry options available or want personalized service when deciding on their purchase. Customers also have the option of a virtual appointment where they can meet with a jewelry specialist from the comfort of their home.

Online shopping is made easy with an interactive platform, including 360-degree videos of many of its diamonds. Brilliant Earth offers a comprehensive approach to customer comfort, allowing returns and resizes within thirty days of purchase.

Responsible Sourcing

Most responsible jewelers now adhere to the Kimberly Process in purchasing diamonds. The Kimberly Process essentially ensures that the diamonds bought do not come from sources supporting rebel movements against legitimate governments.

Brilliant Earth’s commitment to “beyond conflict-free” diamonds takes it several steps further. They use blockchain technology to track each diamond’s source, from the mine to the finished product. Using advanced technology ensures that there are fewer diamonds that slip into the mainstream from unknown sources.

Brilliant Earth works with diamond providers that actively protect against human rights abuses, practice environmental responsibility, support community development, and use safe labor practices.

Environmentally Friendly Diamonds and Precious Metals

Brilliant Earth Reviews

Brilliant Earth uses recycled gold and other precious metals whenever possible in their jewelry. The commitment to recycled gold reduces the need for gold mining, which is notoriously destructive to the environment.

The company also recycles diamonds, giving new life to dated settings, and reducing the demand for diamond mining. Reducing the need for mining helps protect the environment in the areas where gold and diamonds are mined and helps reduce the supply chain’s ecological footprint.

Brilliant Earth takes its commitment to the environment seriously, and it resonates throughout the supply chain. Their ring boxes are made of ethically sourced wood, along with the shipping packaging. They redesigned their packaging in 2018 to reduce their use of paper packaging. Even the jewelry cleaner is biodegradable.

Giving Back

Brilliant Earth appeals to ethical consumers who want the luxury of fine jewelry without sacrificing their commitment to the responsible sourcing of materials and protecting the environment. The fine jewelry provider also donates five percent of its nets profits back to communities impacted by mining.

The programs supported by Brilliant Earth have created schools in mining communities where children have little or no access to education. The program opens the door for children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to explore a future outside of diamond mining.

In Sierra Leone, Brilliant Earth supports MedShare International, a non-profit that provides prosthetic limbs and medical supplies.

In Brazil, Brilliant Earth supports a program designed to establish fair wages and safer working conditions for artisanal diamond miners.

In Madagascar, the company helped fund scholarships for students to learn gem-cutting as part of its commitment to economic development in mining regions.

Competitive Pricing

Given Brilliant Earth’s commitment to ethical jewelry, its pricing is surprisingly competitive with other online retailers. They also offer options not available from many other jewelers, including lab-grown diamonds, vintage jewelry, and recycled diamonds.

The wide array of cuts, styles, sizes, and styles offered by Brilliant Earth means there is jewelry to fit every budget. Brilliant Earth also offers a selection of other gemstones, including Moissanite, Morganite, and Aquamarine.