Greek God Muscles

Lots of people, particularly men, want to find the fastest way to build muscle. With more muscle, you will be physically stronger, better looking and more confident.

There could be many reasons why you have to bulk up rapidly, like to train for a sporting activity or career that is physically demanding.

You might even have landed a part in a film or theatre production, where you have to portray a muscle bound character. However, if you have an ectomorphic body type, trying to pack on muscle can be a frustrating process. Indeed, ectomorphs are naturally slim and find it difficult to gain weight. They have a high metabolism and, regardless of how much they eat or train, their bodies never seem to respond.

If this describes you, then the fact that overweight people would love to be able to eat as much as you (and remain slim) is probably scant consolation.

Whatever your body type, muscle building requires the adaptation of a specialized diet and exercise regimen, to push your muscles to exhaustion and stimulate your body to develop more. Typically, this type of exercise is referred to as “weight training”.

A correctly designed weight training program will methodically break down your muscles, and substitute them for muscle cells that are bigger and stronger. Notwithstanding, here are a few extra tips to help ectomorphs make the most of their efforts:

Purchase A Mass Building Supplement

If consuming more chicken, rice and veggies is impractical, a mass building supplement can give you the calories in milkshake form. However, do not drink over three of these milkshakes per day.

Get Into The Habit Of Eating

To put weight on, you have to prioritize your meal times. On a daily basis, try to eat five or six meals, with two or three hours between each meal. This keeps a constant source of fuel in your system, which can be metabolized and converted into muscle.

Concentrate On Making Progress

In your workout sessions, focus on increasing either the quantity of weight you lift, or the number of repetitions you perform. Similar to dieting, this will be difficult and you will have to push through the pain barrier.

Relax : The Key To Success

If you are an active person, try to take it easy away from the gym. This will preserve your energy for training and improve the quality of your workouts. Body of Greek God was not built in a week, neither will yours, so relax.

Sleep Well : No Sleep = No Gains

Most people don’t realize it, but the real secret to get stronger, fast muscles gain, to get damaged muscles repair, it is vital to get a good night sleep. It is recommended to sleep atleast for 8 hours so that the muscles can be repaired and gained at the max.

If you are not getting enough sleep, results will not be  seen as what you are expecting. Did you tried sleeping naked? No!! Let me tell you that are many great health benefits of sleeping naked attached to it. Try today and leave your feedback as comments to share your views on it.

The muscle development process begins with dieting. If you want to generate muscle quickly, you have to give your body the requisite building blocks. Mainly, muscles are created from protein, so you will struggle to improve your physique if your diet has a low protein content.

To facilitate rapid muscle gain, most experts recommend that, for every pound of your body weight, you should consume one to two grams of protein each day. Nonetheless, some dietitians claim that good results can be experienced by consuming just 0.6 to 0.8 protein grams, for every pound of your body weight each day.

There are many differences of opinion between experts, when it comes to dietary recommendations. However, most trainers seem to agree that fresh, natural and organic produce should be top of the shopping list. In contrast, processed foods, which are foods that come pre-packed in boxes or cans, should be avoided whenever possible.

If you want to make quick muscle gains, it is best to follow a diet that contains the same number of calories as the weight of your body in pounds, multiplied by nineteen. Therefore, a 160 pound (seventy-three kilogram) person would need 3,040 calories.

There are several dairy products, lean meats and legumes that are excellent protein sources. Furthermore, unsaturated oils and fats ought to make up an extra twenty to thirty percent of your diet. This is because low fat diets reduce the production of testosterone, which is a crucial muscle building component.

Apart from fat and protein, your diet should primarily consist of carbohydrates (carbs) — in the form of veggies. Organic veggies are ideal, however fresh veggies are fine as well. Also, certain cereals, particularly wholegrain cereals, are a good source of carbs.

To achieve quick muscle gains, it is important to stay hydrated. Water cools your body (even while you are burning all those calories) and facilitates muscle recovery after workouts.

You should drink lots of water (about twelve glasses per day) with meals and during workouts. Try to get eight hours of sleep each night, because growth hormones work best while you are resting.

Although dieting assists rapid muscle production, food does not convert into muscle automatically. To do this, you have to exercise like a Greek Good. There are numerous workout regimens geared towards developing muscle quickly, and it is better to enlist the services of a trainer.

As already stated, weight training is the main way to increase muscle mass. This involves working various groups of muscles against resistance, which can take the form of loose barbells/dumbells, or exercise machines.

Training the muscles in this way destroys the muscle cells, so that stronger cells can replace them in between workouts. This is the main principle that all muscle development is based on.

Your workouts should last twenty-five to forty-five minutes, and you should only train five times a week at the most. In between workouts, you have to give your body enough recovery time, otherwise you might over train.

If your training sessions exceed forty-five minutes, your performance could suffer and training more often than five times per week will hinder the body’s muscle generating ability.

Obviously, based on how intense your workouts are, you could shorten the length of your training sessions. Brevity training is an intense form of exercise, where workouts last for a maximum of seven minutes.

Remember that it will take considerable discipline to make long-term improvements to your physique. Learning the fastest way to build muscle is fine, but you want to sustain your results beyond a few months. Approach your training with a dedicated, positive attitude and take pride in the appearance of your body.