Can I Apply Mascara To My Eyelash Extensions

If you’ve gotten eyelash extensions, you might be wondering about how it impacts your regular makeup and beauty routines when it comes to your eyes and your eyelashes. Use of mascara with extensions is a common question as mascara is one of the most common beauty products that people use. However, there are some very good reasons you should not use Mascara once you’ve had extensions put in. This guide will explain everything.

Eyelash Extensions Are Better

In general it is not advisable to use mascara with your eyelash extensions. The main reason why is very simple: the whole point of eyelash extensions is that they already look darker, longer and fuller. In other words, they’re made to look like you’ve already used mascara at all times. One of the biggest benefits of eyelash extensions is that you’d never have to apply mascara while you still have them.

Can you use mascara on eyelash extensions

So the simple answer is that if you are going to get extensions, you probably are getting them with the idea in mind that you can cut out mascara out of your usual beauty routine. It also depends on the material of your eyelash extensions as some are more durable or less likely to need mascara.

Sometimes You Might Want Extra Mascara

However, sometimes there can be circumstances where you would still want to apply mascara to your extensions. Maybe the lashes you chose are finer or smaller, or there’s a special event where you really want them to look fuller and thicker. Your extensions might also be older and they might have some gaps, and mascara can help cover up those gaps and damage in the short term before you get them touched up or replaced.

How to put mascara on lash extensions

To retain the optimal and even appearance, however, it’s advisable to go in for a touch up rather than rely on mascara too long. This is because overuse makes them look more crusty and increases the chances of them being damaged too damaged to be saved. That would make it a lot more expensive to get them replaced.

Types Of Mascara Products To Use

If you do decide to use mascara for any of the reasons mentioned above, be advised that you should be very particular of what mascara you use and how you should use it. First of all, you should only ever use water-based mascara product. Never use oil-based or waterproof mascara products as they will either dissolve the glue holding your extensions to your eyelids.

Even if your lashes survive that, the process and products used to remove the mascara would damage the lashes or dissolve the glue. So make sure that the mascara and makeup removal product are both water-based and very light, otherwise you’re just wasting the money to get the extensions in the first place.

Can you use mascara on lash extensions

How To Apply Mascara To Eyelash Extensions

You’ll need to be extra careful when you apply and remove the mascara on your eyelash extensions too. When applying, avoid applying to the roots of the extensions and focus only on the middle to the tip. Applying too much mascara from the base to the tip makes them heavier, more likely to pull the lashes out, and make it more difficult to remove it afterwards. If you find your mascara pulls on the lashes too much they could be damaged or weakened. When removing, only use oil-free makeup remover for the exact same reasons.