What Should I Do If I Can't Sleep?

9 Things You Should Avoid Before Going To Bed

Did you ever felt yourself a “night owl” or Why I can’t sleep at night? are some of the common questions you might be asking yourselves from time to time, when you are facing difficulties in sleeping.

If you are not able to sleep properly at night or are suffering from insomnia, then this is the right time to get some changes in your lifestyle for a better sleep.

According to the National Center for Sleep Disorders Research, up to 40% of the population experiences signs of insomnia every year. There are certain things that you should avoid doing late at night, which are not good for your health as well as prevents you from having a good sleep. To sleep properly and to have a good health, you must take precautionary measures from today.

At night, we should focus on only one thing and that is to have a better sleep. There are many things that we should avoid at all cost, which makes our night sleepless. It’s a  fact that our mood and energy levels depends on how well we sleep at night.

Its not surprise, that today many people are taking sleeping pills so they can sleep well, however, there are many negative health effects attached to it. If you are also facing difficulties sleeping well at night, then you may fall victim to insomnia.

To fightback with this sleeping disorder, you should avoid these 9 surprising mistakes that you are doing unknowingly.


If you are smoking one or more cigarettes late at night, then you will not be able to sleep for an hour or more. This happens because smoking cigarettes late at night influences your sleep-wake system.

According to a research from the University of Rochester, smoking cigarettes is not only dangerous to your health, but it also creates psychological problems, which affects your happy life too.


Drinking alcohol late at night can make your night sleepless. Alcohol works as a sedative. In the beginning, it will help you to fall asleep faster, however, you will feel disturbed in the deep stages of your sleep. Also, you will wake up in the middle of night with a headache.

Instead of feeling fresh in the morning you will have a hangover and this all happens because of your habit of drinking alcohol late at night. Hence, for a good night sleep, you should avoid drinking alcohol at all cost before going to bed.


Do you know what is causing you insomnia? There are many factors responsible for your sleepless night, caffeine is one of them. Caffeine is a powerful stimulant, which can keep you awake for a very long time.

Many people drink coffee and energy drinks during daytime, so they can work for longer period with full concentration, without getting sleepy. However, this habit of drinking caffeine during daytime can leave you tossing and turning late at night.

Hence, avoid drinking too much caffeine, especially before going to bed. If you are still having a hot cup of coffee at night, this means you are intentionally making your nights sleepless.

Tight Clothes

I am sure that many of you would knew about this. Still, there are few who are too lazy to get rid of tight clothes and then complain about not getting a good sleep. Hence, wear lose clothes for a better sleep. If possible, try to sleep naked.

Did you know that there are many great health benefits of sleeping naked? You should read this article, in which I have written about the 10 awesome health benefits attached of sleeping naked.

Sugary Foods

If you want to sleep like a baby at night, then you should avoid doing eating fatty and sugary foods late at night. Even, it is advised to avoid too much sugary foods in daytime.

We all know that foods high in sugar increases the amount of calories in your body, which leads in weight gain. Many studies and research shows that obese people are suffering from insomnia more compared to fit and healthy people.

Spicy Foods

Spicy and too much oily foods can cause acid reflux which can prevent you from having a better sleep. Spicy foods are the foods that you really should avoid late at night. So, make a habit today to eat foods that are less spicy and oily, for a healthy sleep at night.

Fluid Intake

It’s important to drink lots of water to keep our body hydrated as well as to remove toxins from the body. However, at night, you should avoid these practice. Drinking too much water or other fluids at night is bad for you and your health in many ways.

Drinking excessive water or fluids can result in to loss of sleep, as you have to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet.

Watching TV Late At Night

We all love watching TV. Don’t we? Most of the time, it happens that we don’t realize the time when we are watching our favorite TV show or movie. When show comes to an end, we realize that its too late and we try to fall asleep as soon as possible, but that is not going to happens.

According to researchers from Osaka University, Japan watching TV late at night is the easiest way to entertain yourself, but at the same time it hampers your sleep too. Hence, you should avoid watching late night TV shows and movies before going to bed.

Still Thinking Of Office Work?

This is another common reason, which you may be not aware of, is preventing you to have a better sleep. You should never carry stress from office to your home. Avoid thinking about office work, stress you are facing, work load and all such things that can make your night sleepless.

Give full time to your family, your kids. Play with them, laugh and have fun. I am sure that this will definitely help you to have a good night sleep.

We have tried to include the common reasons that are making your night sleepless. By avoiding this 9 habits before going to bad, you can sleep well as well as can have a good health.

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  1. This is an excellent article I have gone through recently in this topic. To add on this, it is always better to have your dinner at least 2 hour before sleep. As said above, instead of avoiding certain foods like (sugary, spicy), you need to avoid the complete intake of food just before sleep. Also, try to have food at regular intervals like every 3 hours. Recently I got a health checkup and got advice from the dietitian as follows. Get early morning 5 o clock, have a glass of warm lemon juice added with honey instead of sugar. Try to have your breakfast at 7 AM with moderate heavy. Around 10 AM have some light snacks or fruit juice. 1 PM sharp your lunch with lot of vegetables and salds. Evening 4, again with light snacks. As said earlier, have your light dinner at 7 PM. Practice this balanced diet and you will be able to have a fantastic sleep over night. Also having a walk for 1 hour in the evening time and a bath after will give you plenty of sleep in the night.


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