skin care in summer

Summer is here – the days of sunshine and outdoor activities. Lying by the beach, family brunch on the lawns, bike rides, strolling on the streets and so on. And most of you do this in clothes that don’t even cover half of your body. Not right.

Though your body needs Vitamin D and there is no better source of it than the sun itself, but we tend to over expose ourselves and thus harm our skin badly. Apart from this, there are some more issues that come forth in this warm season.

Have a look at them below and some tips to take care of your skin in summer to help it survive the season without any nuisance.


Summer is full of issues. Here are a few common ones:

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Stay away from sun between 10 and 4. Apply sunscreen even when you think you don’t need it. A recent study found out that 2/3rd of skin damage is incidental – you get it while driving or walking your dog.


Drink plenty of water. You may faint due to its scarcity in the body. Worse, your skin looks terrible when it doesn’t have the adequate amount of water in it. Cell membranes constrict, inflammation occurs with redness and itching. Such conditions may bring in premature aging sooner than you should be.

Summertime Stings

Wear full sleeved clothes to avert a bee or wasp sting which is not only painful but can turn life-threatening in some cases. Do not wear heavy perfumes or scents, no floral patterns please. Only light colored clothes should be worn and cover all the sugary drinks, if you have. See a doctor if you notice hives, swelling, chest congestion and dizziness after a sting.

Veto Sun Tan Sessions

No matter how much you are in love with the bronzed look, tanning is bad for your skin. Exposing your skin overtly can pave way for various kinds of skin cancer in future.


Caring your skin is equally important. You want an issue-free skin, then take good care of it:


Shrug that dead skin regularly as the exposed skin produces it in plenty.

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Not just internally but externally as well. Drink enough liquids to keep hydration levels at its optimum from within and keep it moisturized topically with good moisturizing lotions and potions.


Skin damage is at its peak in summers. So free radical production is quite but obvious. Counter it with intake of antioxidants. Fruits and veggies are good agents for the same.

A Cleanser With Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid

Not suitable for dry, combination and/or sensitive skin. The two are great ingredients that aid in shredding those dead cells hanging on to your skin and making it look drab.

Salicylic acid adds to the skin’s sensitivity. Either use of it at night or ensure that you dab sufficient amounts of sunscreen during the day.

Block Those Rays

UV rays coming from the sun speed up the aging process. Stop them from doing so. Slather your skin with a sunblock/sunscreen.

Don’t Forget Your Lips and Eyes

Most of the people do not exfoliate their lips which is not a good practice. The beauty of the lips too should be maintained by exfoliation and moisturization. Same applies to the eyes.

They have the most delicate skin. Since no glands are present in here, it becomes a bit too important to keep them moisturized. A good eye cream should be included in your skin care regimen as early as possible.

Did We Forget Something?

Indeed we did. The hand and feet. Those are important parts too. Protecting the whole body and not these two can make you look aged. These two along with neck and chest convey your age instantly without you uttering a word out.

Apply sunscreen on your neck and chest. Buy a good hand cream with SPF and don’t forget to apply, especially when you are gong to drive. And exfoliate, moisturize and use a sunblock on your hands and feet. Period!

The Parting Word:

Invest in a good anti-aging cream, something like Lifecell all-in-one anti aging cream. Such creams moisturize, take care of the blemishes and any discoloration appearing apart from the premature aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles. These also promote collagen production to make your skin look young and beautiful.