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A wide and large chest is something every man would dream of having. And having a large triceps is another factor that adds to a man’s attractiveness. However, choosing the right workout is really crucial in making your workout effective. Here is the list of 5 chest and triceps workout to help you avoid the confusion.

1. Barbell Bench Press

Bench Press

This is the most popular and effective chest workout. It could be done with the help of a barbell and a bench. Here are the steps to do it:

  • Lie back on the bench with your feet kept firm to the floor. Your eyes should be directly under the bar.
  • Grasp the bar by wrapping it with both of your palms. Gently hold the barbell and place it at the starting point. You may also seek the assistance of a spotter.
  • Keep the bar above your chin with elbows and wrist kept straight.
  • Inhale and slowly lower the bar. Make sure that both the palms come down at the same time so that the bar is always parallel to the floor. Lower it until the bar touches the chest just under the armpit.
  • Now, push the bar back to the initial position while exhaling.

Do this exercise, 8 to 12 reps with enough weight to build muscles. This exercise could also be done with an inclining or declining bench to give more impact to the upper or lower chest.

2. Bent-Forward Cable Crossover

Cable flyes with a twist

Cable is one of the best equipment to do chest and triceps workout. Here are the steps to do the bent-forward cable crossover effectively:

  • Begin by standing on your feet with your foot kept at hip-width, or by placing one leg forward.
  • Grab the pulley with the palms and keep the hands stretched forward. Make sure that your hands are below the shoulders. Bent the elbow a bit, so that you do not give any pressure to the joint.
  • Start by keeping your hands together. Now extend it back making both the hands wide. Do this gently so that you do not jerk the hands and both the hands come together. Keep the angle between the elbows the same.
  • Now bring back the hands to the initial position. Try not to lose the form of the workout. If done properly, you will feel pressure on your chest.

Repeat the exercise 8 to 12 times. Maintain the weights in such a way that you do not lose the form of the workout.

3. Inclined Dumbbell Fly

Inclined Dumbbell Fly

If you love using the dumbbell for chest and triceps workout, this one will really impress you. This is how to do the workout:

  • Lie down on the inclined bench with dumbbells on both the hands. Keep your feet fixed on the floor.
  • Keep your back and buttocks pushed to the bench. Now, bring the dumbbells at your chest level. Keep the wrist straight such that the dumbbell is parallel to your height.
  • Exhale and press the dumbbell forward to stretch your arms towards the ceiling. Keep your arms at shoulder-width apart.
  • Now while inhaling, gently stretch your arms to bring the dumbbells down. Lower the dumbbells until they come to the chest level.
  • Now, fly back the dumbbells towards the ceiling gently. Keep a slight bend on your elbow to avoid excess pressure to the joint.

Do 8 to 12 reps of this workout.

4. Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extension

Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extension

This is the best one for your triceps among our chest and triceps workout list. Do this every week to have stronger and larger triceps. Here is how to do it:

  • Sit straight on the bench with your back straight. Keep your feet affixed on the floor firmly.
  • Hold the dumbbell with both the hands in such a way that one side is left hanging downwards.
  • Position the dumbbell at the back of your neck with both the palms wrapping the dumbbell firmly. Keep your arms close to the head in such a manner that the biceps cover your ears.
  • Now press the dumbbell upwards to stretch the arms to the maximum. You will feel pressure on the triceps. Make sure that you do not jerk the knee and the arms are still close to the head. Hold the dumbbell in this position for a while.
  • Gently bring the dumbbell back to the initial position.

Make sure that the weight is neither too heavy to lose the form, nor too light to be ineffective.

5. Cable Push Down

Cable Push Down

This is the best cable exercise for triceps. Do the following steps to do it effectively.

  • Stand straight on the floor. Keep the knee a bit bent to avoid giving pressure to it.
  • Grab the pulley with both the arms with the palms facing downwards. Bent a bit forward.
  • Now, bring the pulley at the chest level. Keep the elbows close to the body.
  • Now push down the pulley downwards till it reaches the thigh. Hold the pulley in this position for a while.
  • Gently bring the pulley back to the initial position.

Repeat this 8 to 12 times to have good muscle growth.


There would be a lot of chest and triceps workout, but these are the most popular ones among them. Moreover, these are more effective compared to other workouts. But the results depend on how passionately you do the workout. Please comment below your opinion, questions or suggestions regarding this article.


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