Cléde Cartier Watch

The new dress watch from Cartier has all it takes to make you stand out in your business meeting, be it with top corporate honchos or the Prime Minister. It is an evolution in concept, shape and functional design. No matter how crisp your shirt is or how high-end your suit and shoes may be, this watch will ultimately take all the credit.

For those of us familiar with stunning Cartier watch collections, it is a known fact that every piece, every model is a piece of architectural brilliance: superior form and performance. And, Cléde Cartier upholds this century old heritage- keeping the basic traits while adding novel components seen for the first time.

To know what makes the new creation from La Maison special, read on:

1. The Key

The crown is iconic, not like your regular round ones. It is inspired by the antique winding keys of watches from yore and designed within the new in-house movement that gives an amazing tactile experience. The long, key-sized crown has a sapphire crystal, slipped inside in a manner that it blends into the overall look.

As for concerns regarding the crown being disruptive, trust us when we say it is really not the case. It feels like winding a pocket watch or old clock (not that you literally have to wind it as it is automatic you know). Setting the time/date is effortless too. The feature is such a delight to use that it becomes absolutely necessary to commend the effort put into making of it.

2. The Case

This is infinite amount of elegance and sophistication wrapped together. The unique take of the brand on a Tonneau style watch case- thick sides, sloping lugs, 18k curvy Rose Gold case – is a feast for the connoisseur. The curve adds a retro feel to the overall look and makes the watch very comfortable to wear.

At 40mm, the case size is ideal for a perfect dress watch. Viewed up close or from far, it maintains its charm.

3. The Strap

While new watches are being released every day, it is a shame that new strap designs are rare. We are thrilled to see Cle de cartier watch with a new, re-designed alligator strap. It is thinner than the conventional leather strap, looks great and is really comfortable for the wearer.

Try it for yourself if you do not believe us. It just cannot disappoint you.

4. The Design

The lines and features on the case are typical of Cartier but have enough markers to distinguish it with the brand’s other offerings. The case is kept neat without many adornments to let the key-crown be the focus of attention. A close look at the case will allow you to notice the fine details such silvered ‘flinque’ sunray effect, blue Roman numerals complementing blue sword like hands.

5. The Movement

The Calibre 1847 MC is the brand’s latest development and is named after the year Maison was founded. Cartier craftsmen in Switzerland have created it from scratch to ensure we do not have to depend on Swatch’s ETA movements only. This in itself provides an interesting proposition to the brand loyalists across the world if nothing else. It is also water resistant up to 30 m. Besides, there is bidirectional automatic winding mechanism and a 42-hour power reserve that is visible through the back of the case and is sufficient to impress anyone.

It is versatile and delicate enough to look good on anyone. You would want to add it to your collection at the earliest and reserve it for worthy occasions.