Acne conditions are prevalent among a large number of teenagers and adults. Reasons for acne breakout in every individual are different and mainly depend on their hormonal imbalances, lifestyle, and eating habits.

Most commonly, people indulge in self-diagnosis and alter their food habits in an attempt to reduce the acne problem. However, self-treatment of acne could worsen the situation many times.

Proper treatment of acne suggested by a professional doctor can prove efficient and help in overcoming the problem permanently. Read more to know the common myths about acne problems.

Washing The Face Many Times A Day Prevents Acne Breakouts

A popular myth on acne breakout is that unclean skin causes bacteria to thrive, resulting in pimples. Most people suffering from acne conditions wash their face numerous times a day. In fact, many rub their skin harshly to remove the oil accumulation that is naturally formed on the skin layer.

However, you would be surprised to know that washing your face several times a day with soap or face wash can make your acne condition even worse. It causes irritation and can result in permanent damage to the skin texture.

Most doctors advise washing acne-prone face twice or thrice with lukewarm water and a mild cleaner. Also, it is important to wash your face before sleeping to remove makeup, dirt or pollution. Regularly following this habit can be a passive acne solution.

Only Oily Foods Lead To Acne

Oily skin is highly prone to acne conditions. Hence, it is a perception that eating oily or fatty food can further aggravate the situation. Junk food, unquestionably, is unhealthy.

However, many such non-oily food products that we consume daily can be a primary reason for an acne breakout. E.g., milk and dairy products, peanuts, bread, etc.

Hence, it is important to consult a skin doctor and get a pimple and acne treatment done to prevent the situation from worsening.

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Do Not Apply Makeup

It is not forbidden to apply makeup on an acne-prone face. However, using only those makeup products that are suitable for the skin, and washing your face to ensure no makeup residue will aid in preventing acne formation.

Also, products that contain non-comedogenic ingredients make sure that your skin pores do not clog, resulting in minimal or no acne breakouts. But, if makeup is a major reason for acne breakout, then using salicylic acid with makeup products can be an effective treatment of acne.

Application Of Toothpaste Cures Acne Breakouts

This is another popular myth that many people follow to cure acne conditions. However, it is false. Toothpaste does not contain any ingredient that treats acne-causing bacteria.

Hence, it is advised to apply only those pimples and acne treatment solutions that are prescribed by the doctor. Regular application of these solutions will effectively treat acne conditions.

Acne Is Contagious

Many people believe that touching people with acne-affected skin or being in their proximity may result in the transmission of bacteria. However, this is a myth as acne is not contagious.

Acne is not a serious ailment but can lead to permanent scars if neglected. Treating acne on your own is not the right way to deal with the condition.

Acne solution is helpful only if the remedies mentioned above are followed on a regular basis. Opt for the best acne solution products and get flawless skin like never before!