Cosmetic Procedures

Unfortunately, whenever talking about beauty we have to acknowledge the fact that we cannot be as beautiful as we want to without some cosmetic procedures. The problem with most of the procedures of this kind is that they are going to cost a lot of money. Doctors will tell you that health insurance does not cover what you want to get done more often than none, but you should be aware of the fact that Medicare and health insurance in general is not absurd. There are various cosmetic procedures that can be covered.

The main idea is the doctor can identify different situations when there are legitimate medical problems that are going to justify the cosmetic procedure. This will oblige insurance providers to cover at least part of the costs. That does include the procedures mentioned below.

Nose Jobs

Septoplasty will almost always be covered by health insurance in the event you are suffering from a deviated septum that is negatively affecting your breathing. The doctor has to document this and offer proof of this. When you simply want to make aesthetic changes (what we normally see as rhinoplasty), the costs are not going to be covered. In many cases both of these cosmetic procedures are needed. In this case septoplasty will be covered by insurance and patients need to deal with the cosmetic part of the intervention.

Breast Reduction

This may come as a surprise for many mainly because of the negative press that is associated with breast augmentation. Insurance companies do cover breast reduction but the process is quite difficult. Patients have to go to the primary doctor in order to establish neck, shoulder or back pain problems. Physical therapy has to be considered first and if that does not work the insurance providers will cover the costs. If the downsize is small, nobody will consider these. Generally speaking, over 500 grams of tissue have to be removed from every breast for health insurance to consider coverage.

Weight Loss Surgery

If you are morbidly obese and you want to do a gastric bypass your health insurance will most likely cover the procedure. However, a psych evaluation has to be done and one year of supervised exercise and diet is necessary before that. Getting rid of the excess skin that appears after weight loss is going to be pretty expensive. Tummy tucks and liposuctions are almost always seen as cosmetic procedures with aesthetic reasoning. These are often not going to be covered.

Eyelid Surgery

When you have droopy skin around the eyes and sight is negatively affected, health insurance can cover the surgery. Tests are needed to show the fact that the procedure is going to improve the vision and lower eyelid blepharoplasty is never going to be covered.


A dental insurance health policy is going to have orthodontic benefits with coverage not being limited to some specific brace types. This is one thing that many do not know. Insurance companies however only cover around half of the orthodontics costs. You still have to pay out of your pocket.


  1. I know it depends on your specific coverage, but LASIK surgery is usually covered by insurance and is a great way to improve your look, and never have to buy glasses again!

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