Crunches or Planks

Crunches or Planks?

Everywhere you turn these days you will see some challenges, where they want us to do more crunches and planks to gain a more beautiful body. All of that should bring us to shape and give us toned, firm and flat stomach. That’s all true, but there is something else behind these exercises. Yes, it is true that they will shape our bodies, but they are great for some other health related issues as well.

If you have problems with pain in your back or neck, then these exercises will help you recuperate. You do not have to use them solely to get stomach packs; you can exercise to relieve some of you back pain.

Crunches or Planks

There are numerous exercises; some are very similar to each other, and some are quite specific. In this article, we will talk about some of the best exercises for back pain in general.

Dealing With Back Pain Issues

The best way to dealing with back pain is to be very active and do regular exercises. Some people tend to think that if you are in some pain, the best thing you should do is to stay in bed. That’s totally wrong, and far from the truth. When you are troubled by pain in your back, you should be as active as you can. If you do not move, that will lead to some serious issues, such as loss of mobility and the pain will just prolong itself. Staying active is the best way to activate your muscles and keep them busy.

Comparison Between Planks and Crunches

When comparing these two types of exercises, we can say that planks are all about the neutral spine. They look very easy, well until you try them. Planks are isometric exercises which mean that the angle of the joint a muscle lengths will not change during the contractions. It is opposite to the flexing while doing crunches.

Crunches Vs Planks

The most important thing to say when referring to planks is that the muscles that do the work are the trapezius, deltoids, rectus abdominal and erector spine. While doing crunches, you draw your abdomen towards the spine. While you do that, your transverse abdominal become stronger.

Pros to Crunches:

  • You can do as many as you wish and never suffer from spinal problems.
  • They build many great sets of abs.
  • You lose weight and gain in strength.

Cons to Crunches:

  • The motions you use build thick abs muscles (unless that’s what you want).
  • Most people focus on the front abs and forget to build the back muscles, that’s not good for your posture.

Pros to Planks:

  • Puts your body in shape
  • Builds muscles

Cons to Planks:

  • Joint limitations of the elbows
  • Feet and shoulders can negatively affect your ability to hold a plank position correctly

Weight Loss and How to Achieve It

planks or crunches which is better

Crunches and planks are both great for working on our abs, and the interesting thing is that each of the two mentioned exercises is equally good. So whatever works for you. The planks require static holding and isometric contraction of the spine. Crunches demand spinal flexion. If you work out and do the crunches and planks, you will soon notice some changes in your abdomen. If you persist with the exercises, you will notice pack being formed which will be a great motivator for you to keep on going.

Crunches are the number one exercise when it comes to gaining six packs. The best way is just to lie on the hard surface, a floor, of course, facing up with your knees bent. The next step is to put your hands behind your head and start with the exercise. Do not over push yourself. As each day passes, you will be in a better shape and will be able to do more and more.

This kind of exercises is great for losing weight, but also for getting rid of aches in the neck area. Benefits of being persistent by doing planks go far beyond the aesthetic look. If you do them correctly, you can tax the core, but if you make a mistake, you could injure your back.

Bottom Line

Here is the deal. It all depends on your preferences. Do you want a flat tummy or to have a stronger core? Ab exercises will get you to have a strong core, but planks will get you there faster. As the flat tummy goes, ab exercises alone will not give you a flat tummy, but if you combine them with a proper diet, then you are on the way to having a flat belly. So, note that losing weight is not just about exercising. It goes hand to hand with proper diet too and demands perseverance and hard work as well.



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