Do You Have Low Testosterone 5 Signs of Low Testosterone Levels In Men

As you may already know from some of my previous articles, I suffered from low testosterone for quite some time and it was hell!

I literally had no energy, no sex drive and I couldn’t concentrate on A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. My wife is typically pretty lustful in the bedroom, so  she was definitely not a big fan of this.

But let’s not forget that testosterone is one of the most important muscle building hormones in your entire body! If you’re a bodybuilder, you need to learn how to maximize your testosterone levels and do everything in your power to make sure they stay at a peak level.

But how do you know if you have low testosterone in the first place? Although I just told you about some of the common symptoms you might experience with low testosterone, it goes a bit more in detail than this.

I want to talk specifically about what you might experience with a low testosterone level – at least this is what I experienced. Here are 5 warning signs to look for:

#1 – You’re Not As Lustful In The Bedroom

Testosterone is a huge precursor for a healthy sex drive. One thing I noticed when my testosterone levels took a dip was that I simply wasn’t “excited” anymore. I could still achieve an erection and was still able to have sex with my wife, but the energy, spark and overall spunk wasn’t there anymore. I wasn’t as aggressive and although I was still able to do the deed, sex didn’t seem nearly as pleasurable as it used to be.

You’re Not As Lustful In The BedroomPart of this is due to testosterone’s role it plays in penile sensitivity (or how easy it is for you to achieve an erection when you’re sexually stimulated). When your testosterone levels take a dip, you might still be able to achieve an erection and get somewhat sexually stimulated, but you’ll probably notice that sex simply doesn’t feel as good as it used to. You’ll be less aggressive in the bedroom, you won’t have as much energy and what used to get you fired up might not anymore.

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#2 – You Can’t Concentrate

One thing I noticed when I had low testosterone was that I couldn’t focus on anything I was doing. Rather it was work, doing the dishes or simply having a conversation with someone, It wasn’t uncommon for me to “zone-out” and lose my sense of what I was doing completely.

You Can’t Concentrate

This was especially negative for me, since I’m an engineer and must make precise calculations all day long, while communicating with others and making rational decisions about what needs to be done. My ability to do my job was severely impaired and I honestly didn’t seem to give a crap. I felt “foggy” all day long and I knew people around me (including my boss) were beginning to notice.

#3 – You Let Others Take Control

It’s common knowledge that in the animal kingdom, the alpha male is typically the one with the highest testosterone level. With humans being part of the mammalia family, things are no different.

If you constantly find yourself letting others take control of situations because you simply “don’t care”, it’s possible that you might have low testosterone. Of course, this can also be attributed to a passive personality, but one thing I always notice when my testosterone levels are high is my ability to take control and calmly assess any situation I’m in.

You Let Others Take Control

It’s not that I aggressively control others outside their will, but I definitely find myself much more uncooperative with others when I believe in something and am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. Maybe that’s where the whole saying of “grow some balls” came from.

#4 – You’re Running On Fumes

This could apply to just about any area of your life, rather it be work, school, the gym, etc. When my testosterone levels were low, I simply didn’t have the drive, motivation or energy to do much of anything.

You’re Running On Fumes

I would have much rather sat around and did nothing all day and I honestly didn’t seem to care about any other commitments. You’ll most likely feel a general sense of being “run-down” all the time, if that’s a good way to put it.

#5 – You Can’t Gain In Muscle Size or Strength

As I’ve mentioned many times before, testosterone is an incredibly important muscle building hormone. Without enough testosterone, you’ll find it very difficult to gain in muscle size and strength. When I had low testosterone, I literally coasted for three months without gaining a single rep on any of my lifts, even though my diet was perfect and I was sleeping 7-9 hours per night. Sure enough, I got some blood-work done from my doc and the results came back: LOW T.

You Can’t Gain In Muscle Size or StrengthIf you think you might have low testosterone, don’t wait – get tested now! If any of those 5 warning signs describes you at all, just get blood-work to make sure everything is up and running perfectly. In fact, I always recommend guys get their levels checked once every year to make sure nothing is out of order.

Remember that it’s not total testosterone that matters, but free (bioactive) testosterone that really matters. Knowing just your total testosterone number is pointless, so always make sure your doctor is testing your total AND free testosterone level.