If you are a woman you obviously played kipping and jumping rope games as a kid, and if you are a man, admit it, your sisters forced you to play with them countless times. Jumping rope was once a child’s pastime – now it is a key workout tool!

The Stats Don’t Lie

It has been proven that jumping rope burns a whole lot of calories, quite along the lines of walking or jogging – about 660-1000 calories per hour depending on the intensity of your routine. Jumping rope is a high impact activity and aerobic in nature, so it is well suited for those looking for an intense Cardio addition to their workouts for actual fat-burning results.

Jumping rope manages to burn more calories than a rowing exercise! But does jumping rope really burn fat? Yes it does! The huge amount of calories that you burn is highly instrumental in melting all your excess fat and making you healthier.

What Jumping Rope Does For You

Jumping rope has a lot of great benefits, such as:

  1. Burning a whole lot of calories and excess fat;
  2. Making your heart and vascular system more healthy;
  3. Increasing your stamina and lung strength;
  4. Strengthening your core muscles;
  5. Toning both your upper and lower body;
  6. Strengthens bones and reduces osteoporosis risk, being high impact aerobic in nature.

The best part: it requires no expensive equipment or gym membership; all you need is a simple jumping rope and you can get started anywhere (where there is jumping room of course!)

How To Effectively Use Your Jump Rope

Most fitness experts suggest mixing your jumping rope workout with your normal routines – running, other cardio etc. You can use it as a five-ten minutes warm-up exercise, a full-blown cardio routine, or for a minute or under in between strength training repetition sets – your choice!

You need to select an appropriate jumping rope before you start. Beginners can adopt a standard rope; the athlete and well-developed can choose a weighted leather rope, or a speedy one. Beaded ropes work well for newbies.

Jump rope for weight loss

Make sure the rope isn’t too long or short. Hold each handle in your hand and step on the center of the rope. With the handles pulled, an ideal long rope will reach to your underarms. If it is longer, you can tie it and adjust, but you need to replace a too-short rope.

  • Stand straight and relaxed while you are about to begin
  • Keep your chest out but don’t let your shoulders be raised too high,
  • Your elbows should be bent at 90 degrees and your palms facing upwards,
  • Don’t rotate your entire arm when jumping, just your wrist. Engage your shoulders and arm muscles by tightening them, not swinging them
  • Make sure your abdominal muscles are also contracted if you can; this will help you maintain a good posture and work on your stomach flab too!
  • Wear good joggers or sneakers with adequate cushioning to protect your knees and heels from injury; and jump using the ball of your feet only!

Hop Right To It!

As amazing as it may seem, doing jump roping by following healthy techniques is a sure way to help you burn fat and tone your entire body. Incorporate this into your workout today, and experiment with more challenging methods as your body’s endurance increases for greater health gains and weight losses!




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