Security Wristband Myths and Facts

Security wristbands are more than just hi-tech bracelets that help organizers keep an event running smoothly. But there are still some people nowadays who tend to mistrust the use of security wristbands on occasions. Today, we’re going to bust a couple of myths about these bracelets so you can proceed to entering your wristband express coupon codes with no worries on your mind.

Myth: You give up your privacy

Not really.

If you are concerned about these bracelets tracking your every action, then there’s no need to stress yourself about them. Even smart watches cannot record every single thing you do, no matter how often you wear them.

The security wristbands you wear for events, or for whatever occasion, are usually there to get an idea of your location. At music festivals, they can be used for crowd control tracking. You will be informed about the data that will be collected using them but oftentimes, it will just be for verification. Your bracelet will not even be tied to your identification in a database.

Unless these wristbands come with their own wearable cameras, there’s nothing for you to worry about!

Myth: They are a hassle to use

If you have been falsely thinking that wristbands are a bother to use, you might have been missing out due to this misconception. Security wristbands are one of those little steps forward we have made for convenience because we already learned things the hard way.

Paper tickets just don’t last long. They easily get destroyed when they get wet, and people have a knack for losing them. Bracelets are wearable so you can say goodbye to rummaging in your wallet or bag for passes at the entrance. They can even be worn for days at a time that some people even keep them on for weeks after an event just to prolong the experience.

The presence of RFID can also seriously speed up processes. And the great thing about it is people are already familiar with the technology. You won’t have to take hours to explain to someone in detail how to use their RFID wristbands to their advantage.

As they say, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

Myth: They are easy to counterfeit

To copy something, you would need to have seen it or have an idea what it looks like. But that’s not all, because to effectively counterfeit something, you have to use nearly the exact same material, because otherwise, your scheme will easily be uncovered.

For obvious reasons, there’s no need for event organizers to publicize wristband designs especially well before the event. This serves as their first line of defense against would-be gatecrashers who will have to settle for bracelets discarded at exit points.

Furthermore, today, there are many different types of security wristbands you can choose, from silicone to vinyl, that are just not that easy to acquire. RFID bracelets also have that added level of security system that forgers just won’t be able to duplicate.

It’s going to take an awful lot of effort just to copy a wristband design that you might as well pay for your entrance!

With these in mind, are you ready to spruce up your next event with your personally-designed wristbands?