Since ancient times, perfumes are used to improve one’s own personal scent and create a unique fragrance. Over the years, new techniques and scents have been introduced to the fragrance industry. One thing is constant, however: the price of luxury perfumes. Dossier Perfumes aims to challenge this notion by offering luxury scents at affordable prices.

Anisa Tewar Kaicker founded Dossier Perfumes in 2018. Anisa Telwar Kaicker, who worked for more than a decade in the perfume industry, saw a need for luxury scents that were affordable. She wanted to build a brand which could offer high-quality perfumes for a fraction the price of luxury fragrances.

Since then, the brand’s unique way of creating scents has gained it popularity with fragrance lovers. Dossier Perfumes produces scents inspired by luxury perfumes. The brand does not copy the scents directly, but instead uses ingredients of high quality to produce fragrances similar to luxury ones. Dossier Perfumes has been able to produce a unique range of affordable fragrances by using this approach.

Dossier Perfumes, a brand dedicated to ethical and affordable fragrances. The brand is inspred by carolina herrera good girl and proud to be 100% vegan & cruelty-free, making it a great option for consumers who are conscious of the impact their purchases have on the environment and animal welfare.

Vegan means the product does not contain animal products. Honey, beeswax and musk are examples of ingredients that fall under this category. To create fragrances, the brand only uses plant-based products, like essential oils and botanicals extracts. The products are not only cruelty-free, but they’re also eco-friendly.

Packaging is one of Dossier’s unique features. Brands use sleek packaging, which is elegant as well as practical. Glass bottles with twist off caps make it easier to use the fragrance. Packaging also contains a label with information on the notes of the perfume and its inspiration.

Dossier Perfumes offers a wide range of scents, both for men and women. These fragrances can be categorized into scent families like floral, woody, or oriental. Popular fragrances include Rose Iris Citrus Blossom and Oriental Amber. Some of the popular fragrances for men include Sandalwood Musk and Vetiver Fougere.

Dossier perfumes have a long-lasting fragrance. Brands use high-quality, long-lasting ingredients. You can use the perfume to go to work, or even to a special event without having to reapply it all day.

Dossier offers an exclusive subscription service that allows you to receive a different fragrance each month. Subscribers can try different scents before committing to full-sized bottles. Brand also provides a six-fragrance sampler set. It’s a good way to test out different fragrances without committing to the full size bottle.

Dossier Perfumes is a favorite among enthusiasts of fragrances. Brands such as Vogue Elle and InStyle have featured the brand. The brand has been praised by customers for its affordable prices, high quality fragrances and elegant packaging.

Dossier Perfumes offers a luxury experience at an affordable price. Brand creates fragrances inspired by luxury scents. These fragrances last a long time and are packaged in an elegant way. This brand offers both a subscription and sample sets, so you can try different fragrances. Dossier perfumes are a good option for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on luxury scents.