Downtown LA – Your Shopping and Dining Destination

Downtown Los Angeles is the home to the world’s best dining and shopping destination. Today, it is one of the most vibrant cities with tons of dining and shopping sites to choose from. Downtown LA’s beauty captivates the local tourists and people from nearby towns and suburbs.

Downtown Los Angeles is a thriving metropolitan, and exploring its best spots can be intimidating, but definitely worth it. The shopping and dining sites are not only active during the daytime, but the city is also lively at night. Thanks to the DCBID in their efforts to bring back downtown LA to its former glory and further improve it so more and more people will be enticed to visit LA and eventually build a life there.

For food lovers and adventurous in trying out different dishes, below are some of the dining destinations you shouldn’t miss when you are in downtown Los Angeles:


It was a tiny restaurant in the fashion district that opened its door in 2007. Woodspoon is all about Brazilian foods with its signature dish, Brazilian croquettes. It is a traditional fish soup and a pot pie filled with freshly prepared ingredients like chicken, potatoes, and the heart of palm, roasted corn, and olives.

Rice Box

Craving for some barbecue? How about a Cantonese take on a traditional barbecue. It is not your ordinary Cantonese barbecue as the meat used is ethically sourced and hormone-free.


It features Indian classic dishes but with a modern take. The ambience is unique as it has a Bolly-wood-meets-pop-art space concept. It is a restaurant run by brothers of Indian descent. Their goal is to make Indian heritage known to the world one dish at a time.

Aside from the dining destinations, downtown LA also is lively at night with its bars and pubs that serve all kinds of drinks and entertainment. After a hard day’s work, people can enjoy and unwind at night. For some retail therapy, there are plenty of shopping centers in the city. You can find almost everything you need, from the cheapest to the most expensive items.

DCBID’s effort to improve the beauty and socio-economic state of downtown LA is now starting to pay off. The Downtown Center Business Improvement District consists of over 2,000 property owners in downtown Los Angeles. For many years, it has exerted all its efforts to improve the downtown centre’s quality of life.

While Downtown LA is way different than before as more and more improvements in the city are now visible, DCBID still believes that the city could still blossom into something more beautiful and captivating. The organization continues to do its best to not only beautify downtown LA but to make life-sustaining for business owners and the people as a whole. They don’t only focus on the business aspect but also on all factors that could affect the city’s development, such as cleanliness, safety, and order. All efforts lead to the development of the town.