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Buying cannabis seeds takes more than just a walk into a seed bank. One requires the right amount of knowledge so that it easy for them to choose the correct strain and a variety of seeds.

When buying cannabis seeds, you must draw your attention to the laws that revolve around buying the seeds. Failing to regard the law might land you in unnecessary problems with law enforcers.

Some growers opt for clones instead of seeds. This post will light your bulb on the benefits of starting your cannabis from scratch and how to identify the right seeds.

Why Should You Consider Seeds Over Clones?

The first reason to opt for seeds instead of clones is that cannabis plants grown from seeds produce a higher yield because they experience very minimal stress during their growth. Also, such plants are ideal for transitioning to outdoor growth.

Most indoor growers prefer their cannabis as clones, which they transfer into their gardens. The case is not the same for all growers. Some of them prefer to start from scratch. The rationale behind the latter is that seeds are able to develop tap roots; hence the entire plant is appropriately anchored into the soil.

Clones hardly develop taproots. Instead, they have fibrous roots. If my botany memory serves me right, plants with fibrous roots systems hardly absorb nutrients and are less sturdy. Taproots, on the other hand, grow dipper in search of water and nutrients.

The best part about opting to grow cannabis from scratch is the wide variety there is. It would please you to learn that there is mild cannabis that is grown for medicinal purposes. These variations come in handy for people who need cannabis with shallow cannabinoid content.

What You Should Know Before Settling For Cannabis Seeds

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As you buy cannabis seeds, it is vital to keep in mind the various strains in the market. You do not want to acquire sources that will prove difficult for you to use or serve a different purpose than the original one hence end up being useless.

Here is an eye-opener on what to consider when choosing cannabis seed strains and varieties.

Restrictions regarding space

Some strains require more space than others. For instance, cabins Sativa requires a vast space compared to indica strains that grow in smaller spaces because it grows in areas where weather conditions fluctuate all the time.

Requirement for growth

Different plants require different conditions for growth. The main aim of planting them is to yield much produce. For this to happen, a cultivator must keep in mind the growth requirements and follow them to the latter.

Most preferred strain

A buyer should settle for the strain that is more appealing to his taste. By sticking to their preference, they are sure on how to go about it from scratch to a point where they have the cannabis plant.

How Can One Easily Distinguish Cannabis Seeds?

Asking a fist time buyer to distinguish cannabis seeds is not reasonable. It takes an expert or a frequent buyer to tell what differs from what and why. In confusing times a seed bank will always come in handy for anyone who can’t distinguish cannabis seeds.

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Appearance is the main feature that helps one know the quality of seeds. Immature seeds are usually grey or green. They are also small and brittle. Old seeds, on the other hand, are cracked and dry. Both the old and immature seeds can hardly germinate. Even if they grow, they should not be purchased.

Healthy seeds are dark brown and have a shiny finish. Unlike the old ones, they have no cracks on them.  For lack of a better term, they are a bunch of awesomeness. Also, they are really firm.

Type of production

The type of production a cannabis seed undergoes makes is feminized or standard. Most seed banks put a high price tag on standard seeds because so much effort is involved in their production. Also, producing a female plant is not a walk in the park. Feminized seeds are ideal for growers who are limited to the number of sources they are to plant.

As it is to produce feminized seeds, one ought to crossbreed two female plants on two fronts. You could opt for a plant that has been stressed to become a hermaphrodite or force a single female to be stressed to a point where it pollinates itself. With the above procedures, the result is usually a female plant.

The odor of the plant

It is legal to grow cannabis in some areas. However, it is much better to grow cannabis secretly. Sometimes it is hard to achieve this aim due to the smell of the cannabis plant. The good news is you can choose a strain that does not have so much odor.

For indoor growers, this tip should come in handy. Outdoor growers have nothing to worry about because they opt to secure an ozone machine to eliminate the odor. However, it is best to go for proper ventilation in your growing room because the ozone machine can cause adverse effects on the skin. After all, it forms hydrogen peroxide.

The level of skill

At the end of the day, your purchase must be determined by your level of skill. Not everyone has good garden skills. The good thing is that Google is a friend in need. You should check out reviews and learn all there is to know before you purchase your cannabis seeds.

To Wrap It Up

Before you purchase cannabis seeds, it is vital to understand all the legal consequences that come with it. Ensure you know what amounts are acceptable by law to buy, grow, sell, or use. Also, finding the seeds that best suit your needs might require some expert opinion and advice. That is why you need to contact Homegrown Cannabis Co for some insight. Their team of unsurpassed experts will point you in the right direction.