Breast implants are an increasingly popular option that women have to improve their self-confidence through improved body image.

Recent advances in breast implant technology have made breast augmentation (also called a “boob job”) safer than ever.

In fact, breast implant surgery is the most popular type of cosmetic surgery undergone today. Over a quarter of a million surgeries are performed each year.

A Woman’s Self-Esteem And Her Body

For most women, how she looks – both in her own eyes and in the eyes of others – plays an important role in her self-esteem. The three most important elements of a female’s level of physical attractiveness are her face, hair and body (not always in that order!).

A negative body image can drag a women’s self-confidence down. A woman who feels that some key part of her body is not attractive enough can start to feel down on herself. This negative self-perception is always weighing on her, lurking there in the back of her mind.

The resulting lack of can confidence affect how she presents herself in public, during business meetings, when hanging out with other women, and in the bedroom.

The Growing Popularity Of Breast Implants

As mentioned earlier, breast implants are the most popular type of cosmetic surgery undergone today. Many women believe that augmenting their breasts through surgery, causing them to appear fuller and more shapely, is one of the fastest, most satisfying ways of improving their body image.

Surprisingly, breast implant surgery has been in practice for over 100 years, since 1895. Over the decades, doctors have experimented with many types of materials used to increase the size of women’s breasts, including such odd-sounding choices as ivory, glass balls, rubber, and ox cartilage.

Fortunately, science has seen many advances since those early days. For the past few decades, the two most commonly-used materials for breast implants have been saline and silicone gel. Even these popular materials have gone through a number of stages of evolution to bring us to where we are today.

Breast Implant Surgery Risks

As with any surgery, breast implant surgery can be accompanied by various risks. These can include adverse reactions to anesthesia, post-surgical bleeding, rejection of the implants by the body, re-opening of surgical wounds, and infection.

After surgery, there is always a risk that the implants could leak due to damage or just wear over time. In fact, most women who receive implants will probably have to undergo repair or revision surgery one or more times during the course of their lives.

The most common reasons for additional surgeries (also called re-operations) include capsular contracture (i.e., an abnormal response of the immune system to foreign materials) treatment and the replacement of ruptured or deflated implants.

Benefits Of Breast Implants

Fortunately, the majority of women who undergo breast surgery through breast surgeon in Houston are very satisfied with the result. While sometimes a re-operation may be required down the road, all in all most surgery recipients are glad that they have opted for breast implant surgery.


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