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6 Ultimate Fashion Tricks to Look Slim in Saree

Tricks to Look Slim in Designer SareeThe saree is one of the oldest and perhaps the only surviving unstitched garment from the past. With the passage of time it has not only became a sensuous, glamorous all-time wear for women. It also works as the canvas for weavers and printers to create artistic prints, weaves and jewelled or gold silver embellishments.

Designer sarees are most in trends these days. Each and women wants to look slim and elegant. Picking up the best designer saree paves the way in looking slim and elegant. You should be very clear about your need and purpose before choosing a saree. There are some of the tips which help you in choosing a best designer saree which paves your way to look slim.

#1. Choosing A Right Fabric

The fabric of any designer saree is very important. Picking up light weighted fabrics like chiffon, georgette and helps making you look amazing and also hide those extra pounds. As these fabrics stick to your body in such a manner which makes you look slenderer and stunning.

#2. Picking Up Sleek Border

Sleek Border

Think wisely while you are choosing a designer saree. If you are plump and short, go for the narrow border saree as it will help you in looking tall and slim. As the broad border sarees are not meant for you. This type of designer saree will make make you look fat and would also lose a form factor. So a designer saree with the sleek border provides you with a perfect slim look.

#3. Choosing A Right Pattern

If you want to look slim in saree, then go for lighter prints rather going for darker shades. If you are picking designer saree with a lighter shade and sleek embroidery and if printed than smaller print will helps in enhancing your look. As the saree with bold and big prints makes you look plump. Huge chunk of embroidery will also not work and if going for a printed saree try avoiding big floral print. Choose small floral prints or abstract prints which will helps you in concealing your flabby areas.

If you love to create designs yourself on embroidery, then these embroidery machine reviews are going to help you find the exact machine you need!

#4. Wear Dark Shades

Dark Shades Saree

A correct colour adds sheen to a designer saree. A dark colour shades makes you look slim and perfect. So choose wearing a designer saree with dark colours like purple, black, blue etc. while wearing such sarees bearing darker shades makes you feel sophisticated and slim.

#5. Perfectly Drape

It is one of the important factors which make you look slim in a designer saree. The way you drape your saree plays a very important role. A perfectly drape saree helps to enhance your look. Don’t tug the entire drapes at one place until and unless you want to show extra bulged out tummy. So wear your designer saree with a perfection to look perfect and to enhance your style.

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#6. Choosing A Correct Style Of Blouse

Choosing A Correct Style Of Blouse

Choosing a correct style of blouse puts the way that how you want to represent yourself in your designer saree. If you want to look slim in saree, then wear a long sleeved blouse as it will help you to look thinner. Go for the blouse with long sleeves of quarter length sleeves if you want to look slim n saree. It does not matter what you love, you might love wearing sleeveless or blouse with short sleeves but this will make you look bulged.

The above mentioned tips will help you to look slim in your respective designer saree and will also add a sophistication and sheen to your look. So follow these simple steps and you can look slim in your designer saree like never before.


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