First Aid Tips For Sprained Ankle

Sprained ankles can be a nightmare for those who need to do physical activity 24/7, be it a housewife, an office Body, or an athlete.

Dealing with such physical injuries is relatively easier when you take care of the first aide, many people do not even pay heed to it, and at the end they are rushed to the doctors which is unfortunately the only option.

For those who do not know when a sprain can occur, let us first explore the reasons and conditions for the sprained ankle. As our bones are attached with ligaments, any type of strain or twisting in these ligaments can lead to ankle sprain.

It can occur while running with jerks or at an uneven plain. You can easily treat the minor sprains at home, however, for some severe complications seeking the expert medical advice is necessary otherwise it can result in some serious damage.

How Would You Check If It Is An Ankle Sprain?

To check if the patient or you have been suffering with a sprained ankle, you need to consider the following symptoms first.

You might need to check it yourself, as only the sufferer can understand what he is feeling. But before you claim every pain as an ankle sprain, keep in mind that if it is a regular sprain, it would be fine within a few days.

  • The leg is unable to bear weight.
  • Painful joint, or pain around the joint.
  • Swelling around the ankle.

What To Do For First Aid?

Whenever your ankle rolls and your ankle sprain, you are going to feel the pain. You must visit a good podiatrist near you. A podiatrist is the best doctor who can help you in the best way possible. You should also have a good knowledge about the sprained ankle and podiatrists have explained in detail about it like Dr. Tina explained on bvfootclinic.

You must take care of it properly. Otherwise, it will cause a lot of pain which will make it difficult for you to walk properly. So, that is why we are sharing some tips here as well. But these are not the ultimate solution. You must visit the podiatrist as soon as possible.

You need to follow the tips mentioned below to help in first aid for the sprained ankle.

First Aid Tips for a Sprained Ankle

Do not move the leg

In the initial hours you should avoid moving the leg or let any kind of weight on the leg. It would make the condition even worse and try to have it relaxed. The person who has a sprained ankle should try to stay wherever he is unless someone comes there to support him in walking.

Get the ice

If you have ice cubes available get a bag of cloth, add put several ice cubes in it. If you have no ice cubes, then some frozen tin cans can also help. The point is to cool down the ankle, it will reduce pain, and constrict the swelling veins/ligaments.

Do not rush with it, as putting ice directly on your skin will burn your skin too and make it even more painful. You need to wrap it first and place it on the affected area for almost 20 minutes or more.

Compression support

You need a compression support or compression bandage to solve this issue. If nothing is available, get some cotton and wrap it around the ice bag, now apply slight pressure on the affected ankle, it will help.

Elevate it

You should not place the leg at the regular position, place something under the foot to elevate it. It will reduce the pain. This step is necessary to prevent swelling; otherwise, the ankle area will swell and you might need to take the patient to a doctor.

The blood must circulate

Many times, people do not consider the tightness of the bandage and wrap it around the ankle, which will eventually restrict the blood circulation, it can also become a supporting factor for the swelling.

So always ensure that the wrapped bandage is slightly loose, if the patient asks you to tighten it, then check the blood circulation with the help of your thumb.

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Reapply the ice bag

After every three houses you must repeat the aforementioned process. You need to do this all day, only at night you must remove the ice bag.