When we talk about Indian food, what comes first to our mind, indeed its flavour? The speciality about India food is flavour which is natural. We do not believe in using sauces and paste, rather flavour our food with natural herbs which are readily available in any Indian household Kitchen. These ingredients have many health benefits and are widely known as Ayurvedic herbs.

Following are the top 5 flavour booster which create magic to the Indian cuisine and franchise pharma company in India are making use of them

1. Curry Leaves

If you are fond of tempering then you must be definitely aware of curry leaves which is very widely used in south Indian cuisine. Curry leaves have a rustic flavour and a strong aroma which it is dry roasted or is roasted with a dollop of oil. It adds that much needed flavour to dals and dry vegetable.

Curry Leaves

Apart from the strong flavour and aroma they are packed with essential vitamins and an anti-oxidant and bacterial agent which helps strengthens immunity. Curry leaves are found to be very beneficial for lowering blood sugar levels and reducing bad cholesterol. They are a rich source of fibre and commands a great reputation in fighting anaemia.

2. Bay Leaves

Yet another Ayurveda herb which is used both in fresh as well as dried form is the Bay leaves. Bay leaves are used for flavouring and are often used in biryani and other kadai dishes. It is allowed to simmer for a few minutes in the curry to get the most flavour out of it.

Dried bay leaves

Due to its medicinal benefits and great flavour it is very widely used in the west as well. It is said that if you happen to boil bay leaves with water and consume that water then it would help in prevention of cancer and formation of kidney stones.

3. Mint

Mint which is also known as pudina in Hindi is a very versatile ingredient with loads of health benefits. It is packed with flavour and a strong aroma. Pudina is widely used to prepare a mint dip which is a great dipping sauce for Indian snacks. It is also used in preparing refreshing drinks and adding the much needed green vibrant colour to yogurt dips.


When we talk about health benefits of mint, then there are many. Mint is excellent in curing indigestion, cough and cold and stomach problems. Mint is a great source of fibre and helps in reliving fatigue and is great for reliving heat stroke.

4. Holy Basil

Basil comes in various varieties, the one which is very widely available is the holy basil also known as Tulsi. Tulsi is not only regarded scared but is packed with several health befits. It has a very mild flavour is used to flavour the Indian tea.

Holy Basil

Apart from its holiness, it helps in reliving cough and cold, indigestion, heartburn, etc. It is said that the seed of holy basil helps in curing skin infection and open wounds. A cup of tea flavoured with holy basil helps in increasing immunity and helps fight ailments

5. Methi

Methi is yet another ayurvedic herb which is used for tempering. Methi seeds are a little pungent in flavour but have a great taste and aroma to it. They are widely used in various curry dishes and preparation of Indian breads.


Methi is used in both fresh form and in form of methi seeds. Methi leaves are a very rich source of fibre and are often a main component in many curry dishes. As regards to methi seeds, they have several health benefits such as they are used to combat indigestion, lowering blood sugar level, and helps in increasing immunity.

What do you think about this topic? Do you keep any of these ayurvedic herbs in your kitchen? Leave your questions, comments, and/or thoughts below!