sunless tanning

Are you interested in skin tanning without spending your time sitting in the sunlight? Now there is a new method available and that is by using an injection of melatonin, which is a kind of hormone that can be injected into your body. Besides tanning your body, this hormone will also help you to increase libido too, whether you are a male or female.

These days, all over the world this MineTan self tanning foam is utilized. This will protect you from harmful effects of the sun too. Neither will your skin get burned under the sun.

What is the history of melatonin?

Medical researchers working in the college of medicine at Arizona University developed this Melatonin and it is analogous to the alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone. With the help of this hormone, you can get tanning in a therapeutic way instead of risking yourself by sitting under the sun. In addition to that by using this melanotan tanning peptide, the sexual arousal of both men and women also improves a lot. It can also suppress your appetite and as a result, you end up losing your weight too.

During the year 1998, this peptide was further improved and it became much more effective in tanning without sunlight. It contains 13 types of amino acids, which is also useful for our health.

Skin tanning process

Melatonin is a kind of hormone that helps in darkening the pigment of our skin. When you expose your skin to UV rays, then your skin will release melanocytes, which is a natural defense against direct sunlight exposure to protect your skin. Due to this natural defense against UV light of sunrays, the tanning or darkening process of your skin takes place. With the help of Melatonin, which is a peptide, you get similar response chemically without any sunlight. Therefore, it is a much safer process to darkening your skin as compared to exposing yourself to the sun.

By using this knowledge, the medical researchers tested it by injecting melatonin hormone in human body directly to see the sunlight tanning. They found that the theory really works however due to short half-life period of the melatonin, the effect did not sustain for longer time. Therefore, they further worked on this theory and finally came out with more potent hormone so that it can be really used for tanning skin.

Plenty of trials have been carried out with this hormone to check whether it is totally safe for use in humans. There was no major toxic effect was found though the potency of this hormone was 1000 times more than the one developed for the first time. Researchers were really concerned about skin cancer that people suffer from UV exposure to sunlight. Thus, white skinned people can easily darken their skin without sitting under the sun.

Any side effects

Medical researchers found some unexpected side effects of melatonin. It has been observed that in both male and females, the sexual arousal rises. Other than that, no other adverse side effects were observed.