health benefits of Green tea

Green tea has been in use for centuries for its medicinal properties. Unfermented leaves facilitate in making the green tea. According to research, a cup containing green tea has polyphenols reaching more than a hundred milligrams.

These are essential antioxidants that enhance the prevention of the body from the free flowing radicals. They can adversely affect the cells. Some research indicates that the free radicals facilitate the development of inflammatory conditions in the joints.

Consequently, a compound in green tea known as epigallocatechin-3 gallate helps to prevent the emergence of inflammation through interference with the molecules located in the immune system. Hence, it prevents the onset of rheumatoid arthritis.

Further studies by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine indicate that the components in the green tea are essential for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.  It helps to manage the arthritis condition preventing its spread in the body.

Boost In The Immune System

Green tea is essential for boosting the immune system. It is achieved through the properties that keep at bay diseases as well as infections. Hence, it is recommended to have a few cups of green tea on a daily basis as the healthy antioxidants are absorbed in the body.

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The risk of getting the various cancers is reduced. They include the cancer of the lung, bladder, breast, colon, skin as well as esophageal.  Green tea also has benefits in reduction of the conditions of the heart.

Also, patients with kidney, ulcers of the stomach as well as high blood pressure should refrain from using green tea. Besides, it affects the performance of the medications, for instance, the antibiotics, and the blood thinners.

Enhances Physical Performance

The chances that green tea will feature as an ingredient that helps in getting rid of belly fat is high. It is because the tea has shown that it can increase the rate at which fats are burnt in the body.

Besides, it facilitates in using up of the energy in the body. Hence, it improves the physical performance of individuals suffering from signs and symptoms of joint pain as it encourages movement.

Reduces Weight

As earlier stated, green tea enhances the rate of metabolism in the body. As such, it leads to loss of the weight. Other studies reveal that the tea is important for reducing the levels of the fats in the body. This is particularly the case for the regions in the abdomen.

It is important as weight contributes to increased pain in the joint. Therefore, the levels of the pain experienced in the joints are dependent on the weight of the body as increased weight results in increased pain, and reduced weight will result in a joint pain relief.

Increases Life Expectancy

Rheumatoid arthritis reduces the life expectancy of individuals. Therefore, green tea is an essential ingredient in ensuring that this changes.

For instance, green tea increases the life span through the lowering of the conditions of the heart such as heart disease as well as cancer.

Studies indicate that those that regularly take green tea are not likely to die within eleven years of taking the tea. Green tea, thus, is efficient in reducing the extent to which the other diseases can affect the body, and thus from taking center stage in the body. It contributes to increasing the life expectancy.

Improves The Brain

Patients suffering from arthritis complain of brain fog. This is a condition where a patient experiences lapses in their memory as well as a lack of concentration.

Research also concurs that some conditions involving elevated levels of inflammations can affect the performance of the brain adversely. Therefore, green tea can help to enhance the performance of the brain.

It also contributes to keeping at bay the various diseases such as the Alzheimer’s disease which is attributed majorly to dementia.  Therefore, catechin which is abundant in green tea facilitates in neuron protection.

As such, the benefit is to the overall performance of the brain. Furthermore, it helps the brain live longer.


It is essential when you are sourcing for green tea to take care not to buy the cheap green tea that is imported. Instead, use green tea for products that are organic.

Green tea can also be in the form of supplements used for dieting. However, patients suffering from the various joint conditions should first consult their health practitioners before introducing the supplements in their diet.

There is the risk of toxic levels where green tea exceeds the required amount. Also, it is important to develop the habit of exercising as it helps keep at bay the various illnesses.Save