Our purse must be packed with solutions to all the problems we may face the moment we leave our home. Our hair seems to have a mind of its own, so it doesn’t always respect the look we want for us.

Be it the wind or scorching heat, rain or snow, you never know how you are going to look once you arrive at the destination. So, to avoid any situation that might take you by surprise, you should have the following five hair accessories in your purse all the time.

#1. Bobby Pins


They are so easy to lose and not much to look at. However, Bobby pins are the secret to the perfect hair sculpting. They are the invisible power source that keeps your hair in top notch state. Women usually get their support by pinning them under the hair.

So, whenever you have a rebellious strand of hair that doesn’t obey your command, you can always find a good ally in bobby pins. Pack up as many as you can. They can get easily lost and the moment you need them the most might not find you with enough of them. You can confide in them even for the impossible, like realizing many short hairstyle ideas.

#2. Elegant Jaw Clip


With a couple of minutes and a chick jaw clip, you can turn your hairstyle into a French twist, ponytail twist or a simple jaw clip style. With this simple hair accessory and your creativity, you can adapt your style to any situation comes your way. We all have a multifaceted character that changes along with the challenges we face.

The more our look can keep up with our pace, the better. So, with a jaw clip, you can pull all your hair together into a stern bun for stressful business meetings. Or you can carelessly bind your bangs together in the back so that you can be ready for a fun night out with your friends.

#3. High-Quality Hairbrush


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When you are on the move, you can no longer enjoy the benefit of your favorite conditioner or hairspray. Once you leave the house, you are on your own with your hairstyle. However, sometimes you don’t need expensive hair care products to get a refresh.

A quality hair brush can make your hair look smoother, straighter, and with more volume than ever. A folding product can more than perfectly fit your purse, and it will always have your back in times of need. Thus, no rain, wind or snow can be powerful enough to ruin a good day. One trip to the bathroom and you can address any kind of messy situation within seconds.

#4. Hair Charms

You have lost track of time with your new work project. Even though you feel content with the result, you remember you have a hot date. What do you do? While you don’t have time for a quick visit to your apartment for refreshment, your purse can have the perfect makeover arsenal.

hair-charmsIn a world that functions at an insane speed, women can still preserve a charming spark in them. Hair charms are the tiny details that can turn a day look into a mysterious one just in time for an evening adventure. They come in the form of rings and can adorn even the plainest ponytail in a spectacular way. It takes minutes to apply them, and the result is whimsical.

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5. Your Favorite Elastic Hair Tie

Even though you wake up in the mood to let your hair loose, you never know what the day has in store for you. In just 24 hours you can feel like having your hair down, then up, and then up again in a ponytail. This roller coaster resembles pretty much a day in the life of modern people.


So, to be prepared for any kind of mood, you can simply throw in a purse your favorite elastic hair tie. It will be enough to recreate some easy hairstyles that put your character on display. And when you are done with it, you can also wear it as a bracelet.

All in all, your purse can hold many vital products to save you from a messy style. These five hair accessories are enough to take control over your image and keep it impeccable no matter the challenges.