In spite of the tender care you are giving to your dry twists, at times, the ends remain uncontrollably dry. The hairs develop the split-ends. Individual using hair irons, or straighteners on a regular basis take many precautions to save their hair from splitting. They use numerous products to protect the hair from damage. But splitting of hair is the issue with most of the people using hair irons, no matter how much precautions they take.

There is no point buying more expensive products at the time of need as it is not the permanent solution to the hair problem you are facing. In fact, one should take the preventive measures to save your hair from the split-ends, which can be done by changing the hair care routine.

There are some common mistakes, which can be taken care of. This will help in repairing the damaged hair. Read on to know more about the effective measures:

1. Style your Hair on the 2nd Day of Wash

When you wash here every day, they have a tendency to dry. When you wash your hair every alternate day or thrice a week, it gives your system of glands sufficient time to secrete the natural oils that help in the rejuvenation of your hair defending it from damage, making it smooth and silky. Styling on the second or third day of wash gives you the best results.

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Even if you start using a less shampoo, experts say that this will benefit your hair. The body secretes many oils into the scalp to the hair. Washing your hair on daily basis causes increased dryness in the hair as the body does not produce enough oils. The hair damage is also caused due to excessive hair styling and exposure to air and sun rays. By using the emollients or antioxidants, you can improve your hair texture.

2. Brush your Hair properly

Brush your Hair properly to stop split endsUse a full brush with soft and adjusting bristles. Comb your hair slowly and carefully to remove the tousles. Do not use a hard comb as it might break your entangled hair. Use the correct methods of brushing to save the hair from the falling. Do not immediately start brushing from root to tips. Do it slowly and gradually, removing the tangles from the tips first.

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Once the ends are detangled, work up the brush from the middle portion of the hair and softly comb till the ends. And lastly, start working up the brush from the roots towards the tips.

3. Use the Shampoo on the Scalp

Instead of rubbing the hair by clustering on your head, scrub the scalp of the head with the shampoo. Unnecessary stretching and twisting of hair can cause hairs to split at the ends of the tips. Afterward, use the froth to clean the hair length softly and then rinse with water.

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There are a few things that are essential for the hair care. The healthy hair care requirements include a good shampoo, deep hair mask, a lightweight leave-in conditioner, a refilling conditioner and a gentle conditioner.

The healthy hairs are shiny smooth and radiant. They need a great deal of attention. One should use shampoo that does not contain paraben. Do not use products having sulfates as their ingredients as they are responsible for the dryness of hair. Try the light and gentle cleansers. Though natural cleansing products containing emollients and antioxidants are high priced, they are worth it. They can do wonders for your hair.

4. Use the Hair Conditioner on the Tips of the Hair

Make sure to use a good conditioner after washing your hair. Apply it on the tips of the hair and let it stay for a few minutes, before rinsing with water.Use the Hair Conditioner on the Tips of the Hair to stop split ends

Be sure to use a heat protectant before you use a hair curler, or hair straightener. Styling may damage your hair. Hence, it is necessary to nourish your hair properly with essential oils and hair conditioners to protect your hair from thermal damage.

5. Use the Towel for Drying

Use a towel to dry your hair gently. Either wrap it around the head or compress it carefully around the hair. Wet strands are susceptible to breakage. Therefore, do not scrub the scalp with a towel.


These simply tips will aid you in caring for your hair easily. Hair is an asset for every girl, thus take care of them with these simple easy to do tips!