Headband wigs, Hair Extensions

Maintaining your hair can be a full-time job, and hair extensions are no different. We’ve all heard the platitude that a woman’s hair is her crown and indeed it is true. The more beautiful a woman’s hair and makeup is, the more attractive she appears to the world in general. With this understanding it has been a constant struggle to balance beauty and an active lifestyle. Whether it be cycling classes, hot yoga, Pilates, kick boxing or some kind of HIIT training gym routines. Make up can be redone over and over again, but when wearing human hair extensions or even your natural hair, all your need is one really good sweat session from a gym workout and your hair is ruined.

Enter the headband wig craze: the latest and some may argue the very best hair modality is the headband wig. Traditional wigs are made to stay on at all times by using a glue/adhesive. Although, there are some that can be removed periodically. The headband wig seems to be the fix to having an active life and maintaining hair quality with ease. This type of wig can be worn all day and removed several times a day with a simple pull just to be reattached seamlessly to your head. So, whether it’s a 5-k walk/run or a quick trip to the market you can always look good with every hair in place without the fuss or work. Here are some of the advantages for the headband wig and why it is sweeping the hair market by storm.

1. Less Expensive

These wigs are less expensive than traditional hair extensions because they are made with less human hair. Human hair is priced by the gram, and it normally requires 300 to 400 grams of hair to create a full hair extension style. Headband wigs are made with just 200 grams of hair with a headband attached to the front which dramatically reduces the cost to produce them. The lower production cost is passed down the customer and makes them a great buy for the “Woman on the go”, as well as a better entry point to women that want to try hair extensions for the first time.

2. Installation

Your hair stylist would not want you to hear this part (so keep it to yourself).  Gone are the days of setting salon appointments, waiting around the salon in a queue (even though you set an appointment) just to go through the hours of pulling and prodding that is required to install weft, I-tips, or U-tips extensions. You can cancel those appointments altogether for the winter and DO IT YOURSELF. These wigs have an easy DIY installation that takes minutes instead of hours.

3. Convenience

This is the major point of popularity for this type of wig as it can be installed and styled quickly with a moment’s notice. So, when company comes over to visit you, no matter what time of day, you can hop up, put your headband wig in place and be presentable without worrying (what does my hair look like). It’s also great for getting that extra hour of sleep you really needed so you can be your “best self” at work. Just sleep in and use this wig to avoid all the messy products that you would normally use in your morning routine. This wig is even being used in Hollywood to cut down on a model’s/actress’ prep time for photo shoots and TV Series.

4. Monthly Savings

Women all over have been raving about not only the time saved but also the money saved wearing this type of wig. Some women are wearing them year-round, but most women are wearing them seasonally in the winter months this year to trim their monthly expenses. Imagine not having to visit a salon all winter/spring (as I said salon stylist will not enjoy this part)

5. Protective Style

We all know that when a woman is on a mission to grow her hair fast and healthy, she needs to protect her hair from the elements to avoid breakage. What better way to do so by keeping your natural hair tucked away while having a headband wig in place? Trying to grow your edges is a task and using wig glue is a bad idea when your edges are suffering. This can also help to avoid the pulling on your natural hair that sometimes happens when wearing hair extensions that have been installed too tightly.

6. Variety

Whether its shoes, make-up or hair styles, tell me a lady that doesn’t like variety in one of the three and I’ll call NASA, because you have officially met an alien/ Extraterrestrial. Wigs in general, whether lace fronts or full lace wigs have been known to keep a stylish woman fully entertained with her look with their ability to allow you to change your look ON DEMAND. Headband wigs are no different, so go from body waves on weekdays to blonde deep curls on weekends at your leisure. There is no easier way to date for a woman to switch her style, texture or color.

There are so many women that have given their testimony of the convenience and ease of wearing this new wig. The ladies of London swear by it and the women of Miami say it’s their go to for the hard hitting sun and humidity they get. Even Texas with its hot summers and cold winters have adapted to it. While the women of Atlanta have been wearing it from the very start with several reviews referring to it as “THE NEW hair extension”

Well there you have it. With women all over the west hemisphere giving their official review, it’s clear why this latest craze has swept not only Hollywood but the USA and UK as a whole. Most new hair modalities are just trends that go away quickly, but it seems as more people are watching their wallet and avoiding unnecessary expenses, the headband wig option just may be here to stay.